December 8, 2020

Yuletide: Peace Mass drivers get refresher training

Yuletide: Peace Mass drivers get refresher training

The Over 2000 drivers in the employ of Peace Mass Transit (PMT)have been receiving refresher training on safe driving at the Emene, Enugu Headquarters of the company.

The training, which has been ongoing since the onset of ‘Ember Months, takes the drivers through conventional safety drills and basic customer relations expectations.

PMT safety and Customer Service Departments regularly oversee these rehearsals which are designed to keep drivers properly grounded on matters of safety and customer handling.

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This time around, the exercise coincides with the launch of some additional 100 brand new Hiace Buses, to re-jig the PMT fleet.

Safety Manager, Sunday Igwegbe, himself a retired State Traffic Officer (STO) has been impressing it on the drivers to make use of the opportunity of the refresher to update themselves with the rudiments of defensive and safe driving.

“Sometimes, doing the same thing regularly can make you take things for granted”, he explained. ” This exercise is meant to test them afresh, remind of their obligations to our passengers and other road users, particularly this busy period when there are more vehicles on the highway, many driven by amateurs “.

” We keep doing this regularly because that is the only way to go”, Igwegbe pledged.

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