ZUGACOIN will create over 10 million jobs, individuals, States Governments, other African countries will be given loans, no African country will mortgage the future of their people by borrowing from China again” ArchBishop Sam Zuga has promised in an open letter to all Nigerians while imploring all to seek financial freedom and empowerment through the new Cryptocurrency.

This step is one of the cleric’s way to actualize the Samzuga vision 02-02-2020 aimed at making the lives of every Nigerian better financially.

The Archbishop had written to TOR TIV, HRM. Prof. James Ayatse, Benue State Governor, His Excellency Dr. Samuel Ortom, as well as President, Muhammadu Buhari on the need for the country to tap into the easiest and fastest way of growing personal financial base and National economy, which is through Blockchain technology and ZUGACOIN Crypto currency.

Zugacoin which is intended to be used to alleviate unemployment in Africa, starting from Nigeria started its presale November 14, 2020 and promises to be one of the most expensive currency in the world.

Below is the detailed open letter to all Nigerians home and diaspora, obtained from Archbishop Sam Zuga.

It reads,



(Read this with all concentration and rapt attention please)

It is written, for everything there is a season. This is a season for financial revolution in Africa. Very soon, the whole world will be traveling to Africa the same way Africans are moving to other countries. There are a lot of economic breakthrough secrets that I want to be sharing with you from time to time.

As soon as you finish reading this letter, follow me on Bishop Sam Zuga page on Facebook, also, download telegram and join ZUGACOIN official group on telegram for first hand information about your road map to financial freedom and economic recovery from time to time.

I wake up today with great joy in my heart and good sense of fulfilment. God has finally given me what it takes to create another NIGERIA inside Nigeria. Considering the level I am seeing the top world Cryptocurrency exchange platforms rushing to be part of ZUGACOIN project, I have every reason to really thank God for the journey so far.

I started the journey of having a Cryptocurrency own by an African with Akon, a popular musician born in Senegal but based in USA. I’m a preacher born in Nigeria based in Dubai. But God help me more than him, with all his popularity, ZUGACOIN was listed on global exchange platform on 10/10/2020 while his own Akoin was listed on 5/11/2020 making ZUGACOIN the first Cryptocurrency own by an African. ZUGACOIN is projected to be the most valuable and expensive Cryptocurrency in the world but Akoin is following the steps of other existing cryptocurrencies. He is born in Senegal but he chose to begin his project with Kenya while I choose NIGERIA.

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Bitcoin suffered for other cryptocurrencies to enjoy. It took them time to be accepted, the beginning of this year, Bitcoin was as low as 6,000 dollars but as I am writing to you now, it is 18,000 dollars and they are expecting it to reach 65,000 dollars in a very short while. But ZUGACOIN is already 40,000 dollars because we have avoided the mistakes they made and we are ready to soar to the top.

ZUGACOIN will create over 10 million jobs, individuals, States Governments, other African countries will be given loans, no African country will mortgage the future of their people by borrowing from China again.

I thank all of you who believe in me and are working tirelessly to actualize the Samzuga vision 02-02-2020. We will surely get there and forget our pains of the past.

I am calling on all Nigerians, beginning from the President to take this project as their own. None of you should be looking at it as Archbishop Sam Zuga’s avenue of duping people.

I am just like a hunter who killed elephant and is calling people to come and enjoy the meat. Cryptocurrency is being controlled by the users not the founder.

Below are the easiest ways to get access to zugacoin.

  1. Through membership registration into Samzuga Foundation MCS LTD. Any amount you registered as a member, we are going to multiply it by 10 and credit your wallet with zugacoin worth the total amount. Eg, 10,000 × 10= 100,000. As ICO is starting by 1st December, your 10,000 which was increased to 100,000 will be multiplied by 100 times and you will be having 1,000,000 worth of ZUGACOIN. This will be getting 30% on top every month till the end of the world. This registration was closed since 10/11/2020. But because of the global interest on ZUGACOIN, Nigerians will end up not getting access to it because foreign investors will buy it all and keep, waiting for the time it will reach 1 million dollars. We decided to open the registration link again for more people to benefit till 30/11/2020. This window will close not to open again till after 24 months. That is why I called it the final bus to financial freedom.
  2. Through presales which is currently going on in the internet. You can get ZUGACOIN at the cheapest price it will ever be in history which is 400(190,000 Naira) dollars. The minimum amount in presale is 10,000 Naira which can be multiplied into 100 times from 1st December as the ICO begins.

For membership registration, you can pay your money into the cooperative account and hold your proof of payment, you can go with it for data capturing when the announcement is made about a Center close to you.

Ac name: Sam Zuga Foundation. Ac number:6720887018. Bank name: FCMB

If you want to buy through presales and you don’t know how to go about it, you can pay into the following account and admin will help you out.

Acct name: SAM Zuga. Access bank. Acct number: 0726596100,

I am begging you for trust. Don’t panic at all.

The risk of not taking the risk is more risky. Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga. (Jehovah’s Field Marshall)”

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