May 23, 2020

Adara people in Kaduna count losses from Kajuru crisis

Bandits kill 23 in Kaduna villages

…flays govt’s effort towards peace
…alleges 20 killed in fresh attacks

By Ibrahim Hassan – Wuyo

The Adara people in Kaduna state have said that despite government efforts to bring peace in Kajuru communities where they lived, herdsmen had continued to kill and maim their natives.

Mr Awemi Dio Maisamari, the National President Adara Development Association said in a statement that 20 of their people were killed in a fresh attack on their communities, despite current efforts at peace.

“It is indeed very sad but not surprising that the terrorist/jihadist war on Adara nation has continued ferociously in year 2020. From January to 22/5/2020, the killings, maiming, burning, looting, and kidnappings have continued unabated from village to village.

Within the period, there have been 63 terrorist attack and kidnapping incidents, more than 107 people killed, about 49 persons injured, more than 66 men/women/girls abducted for ransom, more than 111houses burnt, another whole 32 villages destroyed and 20,000persons displaced, especially in the last two weeks,” he said.

He said there had been daily attacks and destruction from Monday to Thursday in the remote settlements of Magunguna, Idazo, Ungwan Galadima, Ungwan Guza, Etissi, Ungwan Ma’aji, Ungwan Dantata, Ungwan Araha 1 & 2, Ungwan Goshi, Ungwan Shaban, Ungwan Jibo, Ungwan Maijama’a, Ungwan Sako, Ungwan Maidoki and Ungwan Masaba.

“These are all satellite settlements of Kallah, Libere, and Gefe towns. As at this afternoon, 20 persons have been killed, several others are injured or missing.

“We simply lack the words to properly describe the atmosphere of anarchy and despair that is fast taking root in our communities with women, children, the sick, and the elderly fleeing with the little belongings they can salvage.

“Our brutalised, dehumanised, terrified and traumatized community members are reeling in pains, ever wondering why this contrived anarchy is still being condoned by the powers that be.”

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“We have since realized that the usual silence of government when most of these atrocities are being committed actually means consent.

“Consequently, several occupiers of high public offices have in unison spewed out rationalizations and justifications why mayhem is and must be visited on our timid people.

“We are therefore shocked that government has become brazen enough or descended so low as to justify terrorism, butchery, and savagery of monumental proportions on such flimsy and illogical grounds.”

“A Hausa adage says if a person speaking is a fool that does not make the listeners to also become fools. Sadly, it is characteristic of Nigerian rulers to delude themselves that responsible Nigerians can be perpetually fooled to believe them, or at least forced to endlessly endure their charades.

“It is obvious to all that their pronouncements are tantamount to open endorsement and deliberate empowerment of terrorists.

“Shockingly, government seems to be becoming an accomplice to the destruction of the law-abiding citizens they are pretending to govern.

“There are abundant facts to show that Fulani terrorists have for long been on the offensive in Adara land just as they have been nationwide,” he alleged.

He explained that they had a detailed (though incomplete) chronicle of Fulani terrorist activities in Adara land.

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“Our records show that from 2016 to date, more than 209 terrorist incidents and attacks have occurred. In these incidents, almost 722 lives were lost, 198 persons were injured, 231 persons were abducted or detained and millions of Naira was paid as ransom.

“There were also more than 817 houses (in addition about 38 whole villages) destroyed, unquantified properties were destroyed and 30,000 persons displaced to date.

“These figures do not even include those from Adara communities in Niger state which are equally worrisome.”

“We all know that the loss of lives and properties nationwide from Fulani terrorist activities (including even among peace-loving and law-abiding Fulani herdsmen) is by far more staggering than this.

“Given the above horrendous crimes against humanity, people of conscience would expect friends, relations and sympathizers of the evildoers to bury their heads in shame.

“It is therefore unimaginable that these same persons are trying to outdo each other in justifying unthinkable evils visited on fellow men. If that is how the humanity of so-called leaders has diminished, then we are truly doomed.”

“It is revealing that a Fulani authored press statement accused Adara people of attacking Fulani people only from July, 2017. If the alleged attack is really the offense, why then did Fulani terrorists carry out more than 27terrorist attacks, killed 41people, injured 25people, kidnapped several persons, and displaced several villages in Adara land from 2016 to June 2017 prior to any Adara attack?

“This was when Adara Chiefdom was even officially celebrated by the present Kaduna State government as one of the most peaceful Chiefdoms in Kaduna State.

“Furthermore, the press statement alleges a total of five Adara attacks on Fulani people in 5years of continuous and merciless Fulani brutality on peaceful, innocent, helpless, and frustrated Adara people.

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“How can any sane person reasonably explain and or excuse the atrocities in 209 Fulani terrorist attacks on the basis of alleged five Adara attacks?

“The above disturbing realities have left us with the following and many more questions begging for answers: Is it logical, reasonable, realistic or moral to blame a community which has and is still suffering the above unimaginable atrocities for resisting its attackers?

“When an already weak and marginalized people has been subjected to the above degree of ruin and desolation by an obviously advantaged adversary, is government now advocating total surrender and permanent domination as the only condition for “lasting peace?”

Is it justifiable for rulers to rationalize such monumental carnage and devastation on its innocent citizens and country at large in favour of obviously lawless brigands?

“On the few occasions when terrorist victims were alleged to have carried out reprisals on Fulani herdsmen, did our rulers also justify the actions of the terror victims in the manner they are justifying terrorism?

“Since the same Fulani terrorists are accused of the similar atrocities all over Nigeria (and even among their Hausa/Fulani kith and kin), is it because all Nigerians are attacking Fulani herdsmen that warrants nationwide reprisals from Fulani terrorists?

“Different tribes from different places and at different times are apparently in conflict with Fulani herdsmen and terrorists. How is it possible that all others are always wrong and only Fulani herdsmen or terrorists are always right?

“Government claims that Adara people are attacking innocent Fulani herdsmen. That means that it is the innocent Fulani herdsmen that are carrying out reprisals on innocent Adara communities by themselves or they have hired terrorists to carry out reprisals on their behalf.

“Why has the government acknowledged and yet tolerated such illegality?

If some disconcerted and frustrated terrorist victims, out of helpless and hopeless desperation resort to self-defense in the face of the generally observed government impotence, partiality and suspected collusion, should government not be directly blamed for that?

“When government takes responsibility and even apologizes for terrorist attacks on Muslim communities, why does it perpetually blame the victims of attacks in Christian communities for similar terrorist acts?

“Even if government thinks Adara people have done wrong, is it part of public policy to allow or encourage jungle(terrorist) justice as a remedy?”

The Adara people were of the belief that honest answers to these questions will graphically expose the alleged inconsistency of government in its dealings with victim communities like theirs.

Vanguard News Nigeria.