By Abu Duniya

The Citizens Against Fake Activists (CAFA) has lashed out at co-convener critics saying that abusing President Muhammadu Buhari won’t lift them out of poverty.

In a foul-mouthed attack, some critics described President Buhari as a “coward” simply “cowering in Aso rock” wasting every single kobo spent on him by Nigerians.

The statement attracted the ire of Nigerians, with many rebuking them for lacking manners and disrespecting the country’s most-revered office.

The Citizens Against Fake Activists, on Monday, joined fellow compatriots to reprimand the critics, who according to them are unteachable, empty and bereft of knowledge; quick to jump into issues to satisfy their paymasters.

CAFA took out time to school them on issues surrounding insurgency in the country and the West-African sub-region, particularly as it concerns Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger.

In a statement by Director Communications and Publicity, Comrade Ibrahim Kabir Dalla, CAFA reckoned that the Nigerian troops would have achieved more than it already did if not for such critics comprised mostly of terrorists.

The Citizens Against Fake Activists, however, advised them to tender an apology to the Office of the President.

The group further called on Nigerians to report offending posts and any other irresponsible attacks coming from them.

Read full statement below:

The Citizens Against Fake Activists (CAFA) has noted with disgust the new low to which some critics have sunken to when they decided to describe the office and person of President Muhammadu Buhari as a waste. Even for the pay-for-hire activist that they have been confirmed to be, their decision to desecrate the highest office in the land is the height of irresponsibility regardless of how much they have been paid to distract the government of the day.

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Their justification for this unpatriotic criminal act was supposedly because Chadian troops were able to give Boko Haram terrorists a fight, which made them to ignorantly conclude that Nigeria has not done enough to deal with the insurgents when the opposite is the case. They irresponsibly wrote _“The coward we have as Commander-in-chief who is supposed to be a Rtd Major General is cowering in Aso rock villa. His theatre of war is reading in front of the camera. Buhari @MBuhari is a waste of every single kobo spent on him by Nigeria,”_ which is most unfortunate and unacceptable.

In reality, the saddest part of the entire incident is that they are unteachable, incapable of keeping quiet and composed long enough for the facts being presented to them to sink in before they go all hyper in their desperation to satisfy those that are deceiving them that they can pay their way out of poverty. Had they been capable of these qualities, CAFA would have undertaken to provide knowledgeable experts to educate them to the cardinal errors that underpin their commentaries on national issues.

Even at that CAFA will like them to orientate themselves to the concept of international relations, international law and jurisprudence, which would easily point them to understand that while Boko Haram operates in an area that transverses Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger it is still not possible for one country to intrude into the territory of the other, which the terrorists have been exploiting to launch cross border attacks before fleeing into a different jurisdiction.

In terms of military realities, an intelligent person, even without military background, would have realized that it took the constant containment and degrading from the operations conducted by the Nigerian Army to have corralled the Boko Haram terrorists into the underground holes from where the Chadian Army smoked them out. They must also be made aware that their comments are supporting Boko Haram recruitment drive by creating the impression that there is a preponderance of public sympathy and acceptance of the crime that the terrorists are committing.

It is important to mention that the Nigerian military would have made further gains against the terrorists but for the sabotage of their associates, comprised mostly of terrorists’ sympathizers and organizations that trade in human misery, who do everything possible to prevent the military from wiping out those scums of the earth.

CAFA hereby calls on them to immediately apologize to Nigerians for treating the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with disrespect and disdain. Their personal angst against President Buhari is something that only they understand so we are not going to ask them to apologize to Mr. President, what we demand from them is an apology to the office being proprietary to Nigeria and one that must not be disrespected by anyone. We must, however, offer them the free counsel that they risk damaging their health if they do not take measures to manage their pointless anger against President Buhari.

We urge Nigerians of good conscience to report the offending tweet and any other irresponsible attacks coming from them to Twitter as hate speech. Twitter does not accept that kind of behaviour from users in some other countries and we can collectively make the company respect the same level of decorum here.

Abu Duniya wrote from Kaduna


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