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No room for doctored information

*The rules on @twittersafety and funny reactions

According to new Twitter rules, when you see certain markers in your twits, it is either you have twitted or re-twitted manipulated/doctored information.

This is a new move by the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to stop or control the spread of misinformation.

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In a blog post, Twitter said going by the new rules: “Tweets that share synthetic and manipulated media are subject to removal under this policy if they are likely to cause harm. Some specific harms we consider include:

—Threats to the physical safety of a person or group
—Risk of mass violence or widespread civil unrest
—Threats to the privacy or ability of a person or group to freely express themselves or participate in civic events, such as: stalking or unwanted and obsessive attention; targeted content that includes tropes, epithets, or material that aims to silence someone; voter suppression or intimidation.”

Twitter’s new rules and reactions


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