By Sam Eyoboka

THE Christian Social Movement of Nigeria (CSMN) and the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) have admonished Nigerian Christians to desist from acts capable of derailing current democratic experience.

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In a statement titled: “Christians must not destroy democracy from within,” chairman of both organisations, Elder Solomon Asemota, SAN, warned that Christians in Nigeria have no chance of surviving the jihad of the Islamists and this makes advocacy not only necessary but also important and urgent, especially when Nigerian Christians do not have a political party to protect democracy.

Arguing that Judas is the treacherous attempt to turn Nigeria from a democracy to a Sharia country as a result of her membership of the OIC, Elder Asemota said: “The attempt to replace thumbs with bullets, the murders of innocent Nigerians and the sham elections of 2019 are all symptoms of the disease caused by the ideology of Sharia or Islamism.

“In the concluding paragraphs of my paper titled A Case for One Nigeria, One System, presented to the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) in Benin City on October 25, 2019, I wrote: ‘Christians do not have an Army or a Police Force of their own but Muslims do,’” he further stated.

Continuing, he urged Christians to advocate for themselves because if they don’t, no one will do it for them, stressing “it is time that Christian South began to trumpet its contribution to the national coffers since Amalgamation of 1914 especially in oil and gas.

“Christians must prevent war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Christians do not want the Sudan experience that resulted in its breakup into two countries. Nigeria must therefore not be carved out in the image of Sudan,” he pleaded.

Accordingly, Elder Asemota emphasizes that “Nigerian Negro Christians have a superior right to these positions as indigenous Nigerians over and above those Arab Negroids who through indirect rule, have been made to colonize Nigeria as proxy of the British.

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“As a lay faithful, I know that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic and, that Democracy is the secularized residue of Church doctrine, of the people of God, and in our social thoughts the choice of the political regime and the appointment of rulers are left to the free decision of the citizens,” the Senior advocate of Nigeria further averred.

He maintained that silence in the circumstance, is not golden, because Sharia principle is that “God makes the rightful leaders win” which suggests that humans have no free will, which is the bedrock of Christianity.

On the subversion of democracy from the Church, Asemota drew attention to a book titled Soldiers of Fortune: Nigerian Politics from Buhari to Babangida 1983-1993, he contended that the military regimes established by deliberate policy, a group of Pastors and Christians that are “Sharia compliant” just as University and Secondary Schools students were introduced to cultism.

“This group of pastors and students, over the years, are now in positions of authority and seem determined to accommodate jihad – stealth and conventional, as necessary instrument for conversion to Islam and that Christians should be concerned about this awful state of affairs, in addition to Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and banditry.

“Today these sets of Christians are the mouth piece of Islamism.

At the inception of Christianity in Nigeria, the rivalry between Catholics and Protestants, between British and the Irish were imported into Nigeria in addition to local complex towards indigenous Churches.

“As a result, the foundation for Christian unity intended to be achieved with the establishment of CAN North in 1965 and CAN National in 1976 have proved unsuccessful because Christians in Nigeria have failed to appreciate the danger that Islamism posed over the years.

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“Islamism is determined to reverse the Negroid Nigerians acceptance of Christianity, Western culture and way of life and to make Nigeria a modern day Sharia Islamic State with a Sultanate,” he further noted.



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