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As God saw everything to be good (3)

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IF God saw everything created to be good and even very good, we also should accept all His works as good, no matter what our perception may be. Consequently, we should consider whoever he places above us to be good because God allows it to be so and God’s decision is good and must not be seen as evil. Whosoever is your leader must be seen as good because God cannot make mistake, even though there may be something you don’t like in his styles of leadership, you should put it in prayers. If you follow any person with a negative perception the person will turn to be negative.


If you think that person is not good, remember the spirit of God in him/her sees him/her as good because the Bible says no man/woman is bad, therefore we must align ourselves with the mind of God.

When you begin to see evil in the life of leaders you will begin to betray them and before you know it your spiritual relationship with them will die. Thus you will not pray for them nor talk good about any other thing they do that is good. But when you paint a good picture of them in your mind, the Holy Ghost will begin to work with you and you will be able to offer intercessory prayers on their behalf and the Spirit of God will make them be good. Don’t paint evil of any man because God who created man has said they are good and see them in that perceptive.

Jesus did not see evil in God and also the apostles did not see evil in Jesus Christ for they all stuck to Him after His crucifixion, resurrection and going back to heaven. The people who went back and stop following Him during His earthly ministry were those that came to find fault and left because His teaching was not in conformity with their evil thoughts.

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On the other hand, you should not see evil in whoever is your pastor for if you do that you will end up in sin and will never see anything good in him. If you observe any wrongdoing in him you can go to him and tell him or pray for him so that God will change him. Since God placed him/her over you, it is prudent you accept as good whatever God has done because they are all good. It may be that God is using them to correct or chasten you in order to humble you so that you can make heaven at last.

God does us no wrong when He allows us to be afflicted and we cannot charge Him with any iniquity. He is holy in all He does and wise in all the acts of His government, though, in some particular instances, there may be difficulties which we cannot easily resolve but yet those difficulties are instruments of our perfection. Although we may suffer afflictions at the long run we shall have cause to rejoice; for afflictions are in the covenant, and are not only meant for our hurt but are really intended for our good:

Romans 13:1-5 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever, therefore, resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation”

We must respect those who have been placed over us, those in authority, those in power, those in a leadership position because they are the authority of God for our good not for evil. We must understand that God has ordained our leaders and whosoever is placed above us, doesn’t ever speak evil of them.

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