By Sam Eyoboka

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN in Kaduna State has confirmed the unconditional release of 21 youths of Adara Community in Kaduna State who were arrested and detained since October 2018 after the Kasuwan Magani Crisis. The 21 youths who have been under prison custody since October 2018 were released unconditionally on Monday after eight months in captivity without any criminal charges against them.

New CAN President, Rev Ayokunle

The Kaduna State Police Command said 55 persons were killed in the crisis that erupted in Kasuwa Magani in Kajuru local government area of the state on October 19, last year and the Police Commissioner, Ahmad Abdul-Rahman confirmed that a joint security Operation Yaki dispatched to the area arrested 22 suspects in connection with the mayhem.

Speaking in a telephone interview, the Chairman of CAN in the state, Rev. Joseph John Hayab told our correspondent that the Adara Community has been thrown into jubilation for another victory over the forces of darkness who are poised to throw the state into perpetual confusion because, according to  Investigations and Legal Advice, these Youths are very innocent and never committed the Criminal Offence they were arrested and accused of.

Rev. Hayab who doubles as the Public Relations Officer of CAN in 19 Northern States Ana Abuja, regretfully that three of the detainees missed an opportunity write last year’s West African Examinations Council Examinations and evidently an opportunity to proceed in their educational pursuit in life.

Pledging that the Association will assist these three young innocent lads to ensure they write the Examinations at the nearest opportunity, he said: “This is what these young people will have to endure while the state says it’s encouraging human development programme and detaining young minds who should be in schools preparing for their future.

“Who can say what these young lads will become tomorrow: nobody knows tomorrow. Any of these boys can become senators, governors or even presidents tomorrow. You can never tell and you throw them into detention without any verifiable charges. It’s unfair. Why do you expect me to commend such a government?

“Why should I commend such a government that is deliberately throwing a spanner in the wheel of progress of the people? If there was a crisis, you arrest some people and leave out the others…what will I commend the government for? Is that not an act of provocation of a people?” the local CAN chairman stated.

National Secretary and member of National Advisory Board of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, and vision pioneer of Throneroom (Trust) Ministry, Kafanchan in Kaduna State, Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure was in far away Israel on a pilgrimage and offer prayers to God for the peace of Kaduna in particular and Nigeria, in general, could not confirm the story because he had not heard the breaking news.

He, however, said it was long overdue because the young lads were being held for no just cause “and I pray that the governor will continue with the reconciliation except that it is coming too late after the people have been wounded. I think the Governor of Kaduna state owes the Adara Community an apology the leaders and the founders of Southern Kaduna claim its an injustice that only the Adara Community people remember.

“We cannot tell who started what anymore, we have to hear from both sides. The people have a right to defend themselves whether they be Fulanis or Christians. So when you arrest, you arrest both sides. Everything they have done is to hurt us because they don’t want to help us and no one will hear us.

“Otherwise, who are acting at the federal level? Who’s speaking for the Southern Kaduna apart from the activists sometimes in the news? Who will come to our rescue? Are they forcing us to take arms and fight back? Is that what they are telling us they are waiting for? The government should not just make promises but start delivering on the promises.

“That is the sound of warning we want to start passing, we are getting to a place where Southern Kaduna will begin to react. We are getting to that place where both Muslims and Christians in Southern Kaduna will begin to fight back because even the Muslims in Southern Kaduna is not happy. With all these, none of us can go about our businesses. And so all of us desperately need the peace, including the Muslims,” Apostle Kure stated.

On license for preachers

The Secretary of PFN said these people are enjoying these things because it’s helping them maintain their positions as politicians, praying God to remove them one by one. According to him; “We are tired of these things. It is for their interest and they are forcing us to now make it a religious thing. Let the government know that the Southern Kaduna major ministers and preachers…. if they are asking for our bible school certificate is a different thing….but if they are asking the government to start licensing us, when did the Holy Spirit appoint them to do that?

“In our religious settings, it is only God that appoints someone for such a role. They don’t know anything about our religion, so when they want to regulate us, they will disrupt the interpretations of Muslims and Christians, the church will now be doing their biddings and destroy what is left of Christianity.

“Whatever way they look at it, it is religious sincerely, if they don’t maintain the secular status of Nigeria in do’s and dont’s, the Church will always be the losers. They must take into consideration the traditional worshippers and the rest of them. It is coming to the point when people are going to start fighting back all over the country.

“Very soon the Middle Belt and minority states will start drawing the lines and ask for theirs. The North should feel free to rule themselves if they want to insist on doing the selfish things they are doing. What they are doing now is going to scuttle this government because that’s the only way God can save us. If they don’t scuttle this government, we will not have a future in 2023,” the PFN Scribe further warned.

Also speaking, an Adara Community leader, Mr Joshua Obar said: “We successfully secured an unconditional release of 21 Adara  Youths after Kasuwan Magani Crisis. They were happy to reunite with their families. What a joyous moment. I dedicate this victory to God Almighty. Thank You, Jesus.“


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