April 5, 2019

Tech intelligence: Datacrest offers smart city solutionsa

Tech intelligence: Datacrest offers smart city solutionsa

By Juliet Umeh

Recognising some of the challenges bedevilling Nigeria such as traffic gridlocks, energy inefficiency, and waste management, an Information Technology and Software Developer organisation, Datacrest Technology Limited, has unveiled Smart City solutions in Nigeria.

The company which says it partners with Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs,  introduced the solutions at the recently concluded Oracle Cloud Day 2019 held in Lagos, with a promise to assist governments, corporate organisations and individuals solve the issues.

Speaking to the press during the event, the Managing Director & CEO of Datacrest, Mr. Kehinde Olashore said that as a data-driven company, they are passionate about offering practical solutions with the aid of data to meet the growing needs of corporations and governments. He noted that they have a suite of products on offer; from CRM to ERP, business intelligence to artificial intelligence technologies.

He said: “We are also focusing heavily on groundbreaking technologies like Blockchain. We have a number of use-cases, which we are currently deploying in Nigeria. We also deal with intelligent Chatbots, and we have a vast range of IT solutions for different aspects of industries.”

Smart City Solutions

“There are issues we are trying to solve in the Smart City space. We look at the pain points for different industries by either saving money, enabling efficiency or redefining the current solutions they have for either reduction in human power or time-related issues.

“The model we have solves issues around waste management, parking, traffic and lighting management using efficient intelligent or IoT devices or sensors to identify cases or rules that need to be applied.”