December 14, 2018

Firm announces $50,000 African innovation challenge

By Etop Ekanem

Global brand, Johnson & Johnson, has announced a $50,000 Africa Innovation Challenge, second edition, during the 32nd Assembly of the Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations General Assembly, FAMSA GA.

This was announced by Dr Ibraheem Badejo, Senior Director, New Ventures at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Boston.

The week-long conference, with the theme, “Repositioning Healthcare in Africa for Sustainable Development” which also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the federation, took place from November 18-24, 2018 at University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

A statement by Jesutofunmi Omiye, the conference organising chairperson,stated: “Healthcare is central to the overall development of a region, hence, we must reposition healthcare in Africa if we are to achieve sustainable development.

“Everyone should play a part in revolutionizing the African healthcare system; government, those in the public and private sectors as well as individuals. If everyone is involved, then progress can be ensured.”

With SDG 3 specific to health, the FAMSA General Assembly was a proposed solution that brought together young vibrant minds as well as professionals and relevant stakeholders in both public and private sectors from across Africa to discuss ideas and initiate steps towards the goal.