November 3, 2018

Varsity don hails Delta-based author

UNN, Alumni

University of Nigeria Nsukka

By Etop Ekanem

A lecturer at the Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Professor Damian Opata, has hailed a Delta-based author, Mr Ekanpou Enewaridideke, for writing books to improve the standard of education in Nigeria.

University of Nigeria Nsukka

Opata spoke at the presentation of the books entitled: Spiked Beyond Spikes and Tapestry of a Dolphin, by a Warri based author, Mr. Ekanpou Enewaridideke, in Warri, Delta State.

Reviewing the books, he commended the author, saying: “All in all, Spiked Beyond Spikes, is a well-written text, one that is lavishly inter-textual, evoking as it does many writers, national and international. It is a very captivating text. The various sub-plots of the family life of the Alabeni family of the love life of Endorobou the fiery journalist, as well as the cultural episodes and fiestas portrayed in the text all, combine to make the novel a rich text”.

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Earlier in his speech at the occasion, the author,  Enewarididek, said: “In these two books I have awakened you, my potential readers and the entire world to the dangers of a deliberately and vindictively blocked canal, river, tributary, distributary, stream, brook or estuary.

“When a river is deliberately and vindictively blocked, mobility or navigation becomes totally impossible, as this blockage creates deprivation in varying degrees. We all know that whenever a river, canal or tributary is deliberately and vindictively blocked, certain things are bound to occur: indignities, barbarities, abnormalities, imbecilities, atrocities and violent reactions will cascade upon man in the world.

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“This is where my intervention is needed. I insist we must not get there; we must not get to that morbid region, that morbid world of dangerous reversals.

“These two books, SPIKED BEYOND SPIKES and TAPESTRY OF A DOLPHIN, therefore, proactively and pre-emptively steer you away from that morbid region of dangerous reversals.”