By Lucky Ighoyota

Show me a man that is politically-cultured, mature, focused and steadfast; one name comes to mind in Delta State’s.  Rt. Hon. Chief M.O. Igbuya. Igbuya joined secular politics since 1987 as a councilor, State Publicity Secretary of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 1993, prominent member of Grassroots Democratic Movement (GDM) in 1997, and in 1999 as a foundation member of the People Democratic Party (PDP).

Hon. Monday Igbuya

He has risen through the ranks  as LGA Chairman to becoming the Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly.

Many had felt it was just sheer luck, but I beg to differ because like Oprah Winfrey the American Film maker put  it “preparedness meeting with opportunity gives you fortune”. Unlike others he mentored into politics and even the PDP today,  Igbuya prepared for politics and that’s why he has endeared many. His political tactfulness, loyalty and steadfastness to his allies such as Chief James Ibori and    Amori has earned him fame and success politically and have also cost him some setback just like the recent one where he was persecuted for perceived loyalty to his political benefactor IBORI’ costing him his revered office as the Speaker.

Igbuya faces a myriad of political betrayers intermittently like every other politician but where he stands out is that whenever these traducers of his’ backstabs him   he still forgives them as soon as they come home to roost like the chicken. For he believes that they will always learn nothing and forgot nothing!

In terms of human capital development, there is no politician that has emanated in the annals of Sapele that is living or dead as I write now that equal his stead. Or is it infrastructural development? Even with his limitations as a human he still stands undefeated because the records speak volume. On the issue of electability status; all the pull him down syndromites knows where they fall into. Appointment is cheap as we all can attest to, but election is more tasking and challenging. Igbuya’s political mentees and contemporaries today are beyond bounds in the political space ranging from Party leadership (state and national), Councillor, Chairman, State House Of Assembly, House of Representatives,Senate, Governor (past and present) the list is endless.

His down to earth posture and low profile even as a Speaker is also an awesome attribute you must acknowledge. Although, many mistakes his humble disposition and being too close to nonentity (talakawas) to be anti-elite. But they also forget the he is a thorough bred Baptist nurtured by humble parents who served the Lord. Thus, he believes in God’s grace upon his life. That’s why whether in joy or the other way round he never forgets thanking God as replicated in the aftermath of his unlawful removal as Speaker of DTHA.

Igbuya will remain and ever remain a political leader to many alive and even yet unborn, his traducers whom most of them are his political beneficiaries are just catching on his temporary setback that could not even stand the test of time.

We must accept infinite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope-Martin Luther King, Jnr. In my own words! OKIMINI the future belongs to you, keep fate, many are still very much endeared to you because you are still distance apart and far above them all.

*IGHOYOTA  is resident in Sapele.

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