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MADUBUKO: My story of ruin, redemption, triumph (2)


By Charles Kumolu

The first part of this interview published last Wednesday attracted many comments from readers, who were moved by the inspirational stories often told here.  They found Apostle Anslem Madubuko’s narrative touching and described it as a blessing to anyone.

This concluding part offers more insight into the road the General Overseer of Revival Assembly Church, walked to redemption.

Parties crashed that night

They are all big people in  society today and scattered all over the world. Mrs. Leslie Imoke was one of them. Leslie was a Minister in Obasanjo’s administration. That night was my first crusade and all the party girls accepted Christ. Parties crashed that night. Society also crashed that night and people asked “where are the girls?” “What happened to them?” The response was that Anselem came and they followed him. I have seen some amazing things. I never planned to be a pastor. I wanted to continue with my profession which I love. I wanted to be an evangelist. I just wanted to be doing my business and travelling for world evangelism.

In January 1990

When Chris came back, I saw nothing wrong in joining him even though I started before him. I didn’t care. In January 1990, when we were crossing over in my house, God said He wanted me to raise an army. I said I didn’t marry a wife who will be a pastor’s wife. She was an introvert and there was no way she could be a pastor’s wife. I asked the Lord to tell her to come and tell me if  He wants me to be a pastor. After that encounter, there was a day in October she came out of her room crying saying the Lord wanted me to serve Him. At that time, things were already looking up for me.

Heading a deliverance ministry

After I got saved I had a lot of spiritual problems because of my lifestyle. I was into many bad things. I was  involved with several women and  exposed to so many things. It was not easy for me to live as a Christian. The enemy attacked me to the extent that I could neither  eat  nor sleep. I was not living in sin but I was miserable.

I asked if it was possible for a Christian to be possesed  by demons and  tormented. Most people said no.  My pastor said no, that once someone is in Christ, the person can’t be tormented. But it was difficult for me because everyone was having fun and I was not. Somebody referred me to one Dr. Ibeneme at University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan,Oyo State. He was into spiritual things. He is deceased now. That was what saved me. He said  despite being born again, there were some old habits that needed to be broken and  some covenants that I entered into that were tormenting me. He said they needed to be broken and that being in Christ qualified me to be saved; that I was not hopeless. He prayed for me and rebuked the spirit. He commanded them to get out of me and I saw the  manifestation. For the first time, I was happy. That ended all the argument about the things I was experiencing when I got saved.

The joy of the Lord

I now began to enjoy the joy of the Lord. I told the Lord to make me be a blessing just like the man that prayed for me. From that time, people that have problems  come to me, I  pray for them and they’ll be saved. I saw how lives were changed in three years. Born again and committed Christians were delivered, healed and saved even when I preach. We saw demons coming out of people. I didn’t  plan to be a pastor. I saw it as my contribution to the kingdom. I discovered it was my calling and pursued it. My pastor did not believe in it and here was Okotie who believed in it. When he started his church he saw me as somebody who could help.

After I got saved

After I got saved, God had to retrain and reprogramme my mind  in my first seven years. I now had to go through suffering, being broke, having no car and  no money. I cried and asked God why and He said I was too soft. He said He was preparing me to be strong. During that period, I was able to pay rent but I did not have much. God put me through the wilderness. For anyone to be able to live up to His calling, God will put that person through the wilderness. It could be for several years or a short while. Mine was seven years. The world is full of people who have never been through the wilderness. Just at the time I was coming out of that phase, God grabbed me to become a pastor. Things were beginning to look up and  I designed the Silver Bird Galleria.

Chris told me to leave

About that time God called me to be a pastor, my friend Chris Okotie, told me to leave his church. He didn’t tell me why. I started looking for another church where I would worship. It was rough but I prayed and by December 1990, this church was born. I have learned that all things work together for good. For anyone that loves Jesus, nothing just happens by accident. Things may be rough but at the end, they work together for good. Even  things I thought were bad were working for good. The Bible calls them afflictions. I have learned that my mistakes and pains only prepared me for now and the future.

A haunted house

Obedience to the word of God brought us this far. I didn’t attend any Bible school. I was just a young man who got saved at 25. Seven years later, God used me to start a church. I remember  I enrolled in a Bible school at Ota but God told me that he was going to teach me. I came into church business with no idea about  how to run a church. I was worried if people were going to come. I was also concerned about what I’ll be telling them when they come every Wednesday and Sunday.

These were my worries as someone, who didn’t want to be a pastor but followed God’s instruction. That was in 1990 which was different from today. Having a church was not  popular  then. I started with nothing. My story is long. I rented  a house at 30, Orise Street but I didn’t know it was haunted. The house was cursed and nothing worked there. I didn’t know before I rented it. It’s a three storey building. After I paid for two years, I discovered the place was cursed and was abandoned by churches. I saw abandoned pulpit and chairs. A nail factory, pharmaceutical firm and another company were there but they failed. When people heard that another church had come there, they  laughed. I demanded a refund from the agent but he said it was not possible. I was mad but God told me to pray. After praying, God helped me to break that curse. In three months, the place attracted a multitude of people and we started having three services every Sunday. It was amazing.

Scared of not living long

I was very scared that I might not live long. If not for Christ, I could have died, because many of my cousins had died. Most of my mother’s sisters buried their first sons. In fact, virtually all of them buried their sons.  I never thought I could live this long. In fact, there were periods  I could have died but God showed me mercy. Death came many times. Many years ago, I never thought I could live beyond 60 years. That’s why I don’t joke with God. I serve Him with all my heart. If I was not a pastor today, I would be a born again but could have been richer. I could have either been a governor or occupying a prominent political position. My mates and friends are prominent people everywhere. I  was in politics earlier in my life. At 18, I defeated an opponent who was in year four at the university. Working for God is not a joke and it’s better when He called someone to serve Him. I didn’t jump into it. He pulled me and there is an advantage, if He  pulls an individual out to serve Him.

Counting blessings

I’m happy when I hear testimonies of those who God has used me to touch. Nothing excites me  more. I’m priviledged to know that all over the world and I pray  God will give me more opportunities to change lives. I am not  interested in building structures. I want to build men for God. The grace of God has brought me this far, because I am not a great person. I will not want to say that a particular formula brought me this far. I am just a recipient of His grace. I have people who inspired me. The first guy that brought me to Christ is an incredible guy. He is an architect and  lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University. After I got saved, I was at Christ Chapel headed by Dr. Tunde Joda, who was my first pastor. He taught me  basic principles of faith. I had a spiritual father, the late Dr. Ibeneme, who was also my mentor. Archbishop Benson Idahosa was my mentor . He came to this church in January 1995. Those were the  people  God used to shape my life. If not for them, I am not sure I’ll be where I am today.We are all called to do different things. One of the things God put in my heart is revival. I have never liked weak churches, I like strong churches. There are many large weak churches in Nigeria. I like churches where people speak in tongues, heal the sick and deliver people from bondage among other things.





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