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A True opportunity as seen on the Internet

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Do You Have a Phone , Facebook and Whatsapp ? If Yes,

Discover How  to Make a Fortune and Truck Load of Money at the comfort of Your Home  Running Ecommerce Business with Your Facebook and Whatsapp Account

…this opportunity is for first 50 Nigerians Only (23 slots left)

A letter to 50 serious Nigerians  who want to Grow into Making at least 150,000 Monthly with their Facebook+ whatsapp accounts Legally doing a simple stuff on internet daily..

If You truly Love Success or love  Making Money Legally don’t be lazy to Read this page to the end and don’t be too Hurry to Jump any step

But If you’re here to insult or abuse, or say na lie please close this web page and face your day to day activities.

No offence,  peace

Shall we discuss Now?

You see being broke with no option is a very bad thing,  there would be a time one would have no other option than to find a means of survival

especially in this Harsh economy of Naija, where minimum wage is not enough to buy a pair of shoe.  Such Experience has led me into some illegal deals and ungodly package..

now let me tell you something ..

Do You know it’s possible to achieve the Kind of Life You’re Looking for , Do You Know many have being in that same position looking for series of opportunities to make it online . ??

But How Many people have been able to achieve that? fact we are not up to 2% of the online legitimate hustlers .

in summary,  bank account dryness is a bad thing but I’m here to help you out …


But before I proceed,

Permit me to welcome You Here and tell you a Who I am . I’m Dolapo Ojo  an Internet Marketer and Information Marketer ..

However, I’m not here to bother you with My story neither here to flaunt car, house or money … Nope.

I’m here to Help and strictly help Someone and 49 other Nigerians . I don’t discriminate, be you Muslim, Christian, even Sango worshipper, Ibo, Hausa , Yoruba. That’s none of my business, all that matters is let’s talk something about helping and re shaping the life of over 50 people to Make good Money easily at their home comfort.


The Question is,

Would you Be Among them? That I can’t answer easily answer,  only You can tell.


You see The First Thing That got my attention was Mini importation Business when I first started online business   not even the ecommerce I’m about to share with you here

In summary  bringing  goods and get them supplied  to Omo Ibos at computer village and so on.

but when I realized ecommerce was the new game  in town .. No time and to focus more on my New business which I was able to start easily with money generated from online business.  I jumped in


Is that the reason why I am here?


The answer is No, incase you just asked me that question, I only gave you a brief story of mine and the business

Even me too  I love people telling me the real stuff and not story

You see Internet Marketing of this century more less the easiest or I call it laziest century of making Money online


Let Me gist you,

Recently there was  story of this 18 years old girl that surfaced the net , she’s a student of Yaba college of Technology ,But she has this talent of making beads and other fashion accessories. she explained how she’s been making good sales in the school environ but when she introduced ecommerce biz to her biz her sales boom. she’s now a millionaire t 18 years of age


Funny enough we’ve gotten 100s of them out there doing well

so how old are you and  what exactly is stopping you from achieving your goal

as for using just your facebook, whats app, Could it be Just posting to groups, your timeline, your fanpage ?

The answer to that is a bigger NO if not everyone would be millionaires now.


You will Know How Below

How to generate at least  150,000 naira+  From ecommerce Using  Facebook + Whatspp

..On regular Bank alert from this business …

Initially I asked, If You have phone? the answer is yes because is either you’re reading this page with your phone or with Your computer.


This opportunity has been Made easier for anyone to generate enough money for themselves , enough capital  for their  business and also cater for themselves financially


For you to know,

then I say  better read this


Lets assume I am  MR A, I want to pay my house rent of N250,000 in the next 40 days and all I have with me now is  50,000 naira .

This is what I will do to turn that 50,000 to N250,000 in few days before my Landlord send me packing

Using my Facebook, whatsapp, phone and a Well Known website to many people.


We have over 19 Million

Nigerian Facebook users

All I need is just 50 people from 19,000,000 million people… here is all I will do

1. I will go to 3 of my  hidden websites ( find a product not more than $1 to $2 that is 370 naira . that I can sell upto 7,500 here in Nigeria


2. I will buy 50 pcs . of this product N370*50= N18,500

Now I am left with 31,500

3. I will contact My shipping forwarding company in china that will deliver to my door step in Nigeria as fast as possible it shouldn’t cost me more than N10,000 for shipping the 50 Item

Now I am Left with 21,000


4. I will Log in to my facebook advert account

put $10 daily to run ads for 5 days making $50, equivalent to 18,500 … now I am left with 2,500 in my pocket


Will there be miracle? Or I will go broke completely ?


Yes with My Smart ecommerce Income secret , I will be able to get a minimum of 10 orders of this product at N7,500 each everyday

means in 5 days I will ship out the whole 50 pieces

7500*50=> N375,000 \


take for example I know one of the mini ecommerce expert that pushes upto 30pcs daily , running to hundreds of thousand

5. I will pay my courier 2,500 each for the delivery ..

2500*50=> 125,000

From my revenue of N375,000-N125,000 of courier  => I will be able to pay my house rent of N250,000

some random simple proof of how courier will pay into your bank account

the one paid one by one


here is another sample from another courier


and may more…. because of our time

Sounds simple Right?

That’s just the scope, But How do you get started, the kind of product to buy, to make at the worst  profit Minimum of N200,000 per month at the corner of your house or your office

Now I know you’re eager to start

But How to start is what you’re deliberating on

I already gave you the first tip see load of products

Thousands and millions of them.


if care is not taking you won’t know what to buy at $1 to $5 that will bring that money you’re looking for.

we are not talking of wrist watches here, neither are we talking of clothes shoes and bags. any body can pick up and start selling

But we’re talking of something people will beg you with their money to have ..


This is why I want to help you and other 49 people now ….

Only 23 slots Left !



will be sharing with you live in my  Facebook Ecommerce Money making report for 50 people


This is the deal and what will happen afterward .

1. I show you live how to Research for Hot selling products  

2. I will show you how to ship them in multitude like below

It will arrive Just Like  Packaged Goods as seen below

3. I will show you how to  Pay for this products with any of the nigeria ATM card

Be it Naira or dollar

4. It will show you how to set up facebook advert account and show you How to run  marketing Via facebook advert

7. It will Link you directly to the most secured and loyal couriers that will handle delivery to your customer and collect cash for them on your behalf


Total worth of all is N50,000

but no I’m here to help like I said Earlier…  the first 50 people would have the opportunity to download the report now at 10% of the normal fee . which is N5,000 only .. after 50 people no more…



Listen .. I am sending traffic to this mini website through facebook advert, Adword and among others means load of people are reading this website along with you

You see,

I have done different kind of businesses mention it  But My dear this business I just shared with you still remain most efficient and easiest way of Making Money fast

I need only 50 people

I am helping to work on share same secret with them, make them smile to Bank


Read what you will learn again in summary that will make you a fortune at the end

1. you will be able to Research a Hot selling product will be able to Set up Your facebook advert account

4. Link you directly with reliable fast courier company


I’m sharing this with you to help the average people out


at N5,000 only



While you were busy saying there’s recession, The smart ones were busy taking advantage of online business to make fortune ..

I call this business, ecommerce made easy..

No need to worry the wahala of signing up on Jumia Konga, among others before you sell, or loosing money to boost your advert on olx, that’s not guaranty of return .. You don’t need any website Neither any store to sell ..

Just get in, Have Your goods, Set up your facebook ads, and see the order flow everyday.. which is exactly what I am sharing with you now….


With this You’ve confident of Having a sure fire way to control all, without begging anyone to push your sales.

Facebook+Whatsapp+hidden websites is Money

name of customer here i’m ready ,


I’m ready to Join what do I need to do.

1. I can’t predict the time you’re reading this website,

the first thing you need to do is to call my personal business line now 07033236864  before You Make You 5,000 payment

2. Upon Confirmation..

pay into account below …

diamond bank : ojo dolapo
Acct number: 0047144751

3. After Payment, send Me Your payment details  to

Subject: I have paid for E-commerce Report

Your Name, Your Phone Number, Your email address, we will send link to download your report after confirmation …


This N5,000 + all the bonuses is actually meant for 50 people

Only 23 slots Left !


After the 50 people, I will close this web page and may be some other time in future I will re open it. but I am sure it won’t be N5,000 . probably N50,000 normal price..

Call me Now to ask for your slots ,


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I’m Hearing Internet Business for the first time, can I join?

A. Lol,

My dear is like saying You’re hearing of lagos to abuja flight for the first time, can you fly? in short the door is open for everyone.


Q2. I’m a Civil servant, I work 7am-5pm daily, won’t that disturb My Sales?

A. You see orders will come directly to your phone, while You can easily call the courier I will be linking you with during your break time at work..  infact don’t miss this, it will serve as extra source of income to support your salary


Q3. What If I don’t make Money from this ?

A. Lol, Then something is wrong May be we should go to Woli or Alfa to pray for you But Joke apart, You will Make Money and if after 30 days You’re unable to sell the products I will collect refund your money back


Q4. If I pay Now, when will I start ?

A. As soon as your goods is in Nigeria,


Q5. I’m not in Lagos, Can I Participate ?

Yes of course No Matter Where You are in Nigeria, You Can Run This Business and you can also join the 50 people

N5,000 only

50 slots only


I will close down this website as soon I have the 50 people

The choice is yours, Have a great day


Dolapo Ojo
Hotline:  07033236864

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