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June 20, 2018

How they murdered my son, husband—  Housewife 

How they murdered my son, husband—  Housewife 

Dominic Adiele, 17-year-old boy vomiting at the hospital bed before he died.

* 7 suspects arrested by police

By Chinonso Alozie, Owerri

The tragedy that befell the Adiele family of Eziama-Ubulu, Mgbidi in Oru West Local Government Area, Imo State last week has sent shock waves across the length and breadth of the state.  Their son, Dominic Adiele was allegedly clubbed to death by the son of his uncle and some suspected cultists he hired from Benin in Edo State.

The late Dominic vomiting blood at his hospital bed before his death.

According to the police,the suspects have been arrested and that the matter has been transferred to the homicide department.

Incidentally, Dominic’s father allegedly suffered the same fate in the same manner fifteen years ago  in the hands of the father of the suspected killers of Dominic.

The similarity in the death of father and son in the same manner and allegedly in the hands of members of same family has sent tongues wagging.

The sordid tale started in 2003 after Edmund Odimma Adiele, 61, had a disagreement with his brother, Patrick, over his house. The disagreement led to an altercation which degenerated into fisticuffs resulting in death of Edmund after he was allegedly beaten up by his brothers.  Incidentally, just last week, his son, Dominic Adiele, 17, died in similar manner in the hands of one of the sons of the same man suspected to have beaten his father to death, 15 years ago.

His mother, Emilia Adiele, 43, who narrated her plight to Crime Alert alleged that the same man and his son killed her husband and her son by beating them to death.  According to Mrs Adiele, “the family of my late husband’s brother, Patrick, has been unleashing terror on me and my children over my husband’s house.  They wanted me and my family to pack out of the house.  That was why they engaged my husband in a fight and beat him to death in 2003.

Crime Alert visited the home of the deceased where the deceased mother and two elder brothers  narrated their ordeal in the hands of their late father’s brother.   Emilia claimed that because she refused to leave her husband’s house for Patrick, it has been so difficult living in that same compound and moreover she was faced with threats to her life.

Also one of the elder brothers to the deceased, Chjioke Adiele, 23, said  on Sunday morning when he saw the children of their uncle, Patrick, with some unknown faces enter  into their compound, he began to suspect their evil mission.  He said he was with other  relatives  when he heard  his brother, Dominic, shouting for help.  He then rushed to the compound and saw that Patrick’s children had beaten his younger   brother to a point he was so weak and unable to stand up on his feet.

In his own story, Chigbo Adiele, 25, elder brother to the deceased lamented that he does  not know who would be the next to be killed after his father and their younger brother  and that all he needed was justice. “After I went to the market to buy motorcycle parts, as I was working on my motorcycle, I saw about five boys walking into our family compound.  I noticed that they were children of my uncle  but before we knew it, I started hearing a loud voice and it was my younger brother, Dominic, crying and asking for help.  I rushed inside to rescue him and they were with different  weapons.

“By the time my elder brother came, Dominic was already on the ground as a result of the injuries he sustained. When they saw my elder brother, some of them ran away. The most painful aspect of this story was that two of the boys that came together with our brothers are strangers and they had guns and other dangerous weapons.

Narrating her predicament, their crestfallen mother, Emilia Adiele, said:  “This is not the first time and it is not the second time. I have been  struggling to forget the previous incident. This is just the same way my husband, Odimma Edmond Adiele, died in 2003.  In the case of my husband, this same man called Patrick and another younger brother to my late husband joined hands and beat him till  he was unconscious. My husband fainted while they were still beating him. During that time, this Dominic that was beaten to death was my last child. He was still a baby.

“After beating my husband, do you know that the next day,  they conspired and invited the police and my husband was arrested and detained in the police station. Then, it was my late father who went to the police station and bailed him. That day he was bailed, he came back and the next day he died. My husband’s brothers, sisters as well their mother confirmed that it was that beating  by his brothers that made him to fall sick and later died.

“They want me to leave my late husband’s house for them and I asked them why would I leave my husband’s house and  where do they expect me to go with my children? This is why they have been troubling my life since my husband’s death. I remember the untold hardship I passed through in order to raise my children after their father’s untimely death. Now that I am about to enjoy the sweat of my labour, the same people have cut short my hope and bundle of joy. My son is no more; I can’t see Dominic again and Dominic can’t see me again.

When my husband died, my children were still little and barely could  recognise  the face of their father as it is today. Dominic was still crawling as a baby. He was leaning how to walk, when his father died.

Recounting the tribulations of her family while her husband was alive, distraught Emilia told Crime Alert: , “My husband worked in the court and it was through the assistance of Justice Onumajuru that he got the job.  His brother was envious of his  job and did not spare any opportunity to criticise and condemn him publicly. In fact, he boasted that he would give my husband trouble for him to prove that he was capable of working in court”.

Confirming the development, Imo State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Andrew Enwerem, told Crime Alert in Owerri, that the suspects have been arrested and that the matter has been transferred to the homicide department.   “The matter was actually reported at the Ibieasogbe police station, where the suspects were arrested in connection with the beating to death of the young man.  And the matter has been transferred to the state CID, Owerri, Homicide Section, where the suspects are being interrogated. The Commissioner of Police, Dazuki Galadanji has ordered  an investigation into the circumstances and to ensure that justice is done.”