By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor

As the democratic trumpet sounds once again in preparation for the 2019 general election in Nigeria, more self proclaimed leaders continue to emerge from the outer space. This scenario is peculiar in a season as this. History has shown that a handful of these aspirants are either interested in the electoral race for the sake of grabbing political power for self aggrandizement rather than to be of service to the people. Hence a popular aphorism states that ‘’those born to lead are few while those born to follow are many”.


It was against this backdrop that some in Delta South Senatorial District have adopted an unassuming political jugger-naut, Michael Diden to represent them at the Senate from 2019.

For them, their choice leader has demonstrated uncommon guts in the face of imminent threat and barefaced danger.

Beyond this prism, Diden for his constituents remains a prudent planner, political tactician, courageous in taking risk and unassuming in prosperity. Hence his political philosophy revolves around elementary principles of negotiation and concord accordance in matters that would heitherto generate crisis among his people.

“We must disagree to agree sometimes for such is bedrock on which democracy lies. But the bottom line is that we all agree through persuasive negotiation and not cohesion and that is what democracy is all about,” Diden recently told a gathering of people in his constituency.

In many ways, Diden has demonstrated unquestionable commitment and total dedication toward responding to the yearnings of his people. His impeccable political exploits put him in a proper stead to vie for the exulted seat of the senate, ostensibly to gain a loud voice for his people who for ages past were deprived of their due rights and privileges.

Ejele’s adventure into the murky water of Nigerian politics dated years back when his people noticed the inherent leadership qualities that laid dormant in him. Consequently, he emerged as local government chairman in an apparent attempt to bail out his people from their perennial hardship.

Not satisfied with his accomplishments at the council level, the political science graduate, by dint of his political craftsmanship was elected to represent Warri North at the State House of Assembly. According to him, his political aspirations were dictated by the suffering and yearnings of his people, who, he said were already traumatized by deprivations of life essentials and deliberate attempts by leaders at the federal level to deny them of their God given rights and privileges.

Hear him, “I’m a grass root Politician. I interact with my people on regular basis because I stay and live with them. So, it’s easy for me to feel their pains. This is what drives me politically to contest, primarily to the near endless suffering of my helpless people.”

Hence, he felt the urge to join hands with people outside his extraction to form a non-governmental organization (NGO) known as the Delta Political Vanguard, one of the strong movements that contributed immensely to the electoral victory of the present Delta state Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa.

Diden’s political philosophy which hinges on dialogue and persuasive negotiations, holds that democracy must eschew rancor, bitterness, senseless frivolities and violence.

There is no gainsaying that the astute politician, Michael Diden aka Ejele as a grass root man, who understands the intricacies of politicking and appreciate the enormity of the problem of his people will sure deliver the dividends of democracy.

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