May 23, 2018

Nigeria’s salvation in journalists’ hands — Archbishop Atilade

Nigeria’s salvation in journalists’ hands — Archbishop Atilade

Bishop Magnus Atilade

By Agbonkhese Oboh

LAGOS—THE South-West Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Archbishop Magnus Atilade, has placed the salvation of the country in the hands of journalists, noting that only a conscious attempt to reveal the truth and support the work of good-minded Nigerians can salvage the country.

Archbishop Magnus Atilade

Archbishop Atilade, who spoke at a briefing in Lagos to announce the Great Coalition to Save Nigeria, said a people-oriented press will curb corruption, nepotism and religious fanatism as “the salvation of this country is in the hands of journalists.”

The cleric, who is also President of Way to Happiness Foundation International, Nigeria, and Christian Welfare Initiative, CWI, the coalition’s host, added: “Enough of fasting and prayers. God said the solutions to our problems are in our hands.

“God has revealed a path out of self-destruction: Muslims, Christians, atheist, across tribes, age, economic status and political affiliations—as long as you have a good heart—must come together and form a coalition to save and redeem Nigeria.”

The coalition, which also include Fellowship of Christian Ministers, Nigeria, pointed out that a firm action to put down insurgency, arrest of arms-bearing herdsmen, fair and equal treatment of health workers, free and subsidised education, housing and transporta-tion, diversification of the economy, dissolution of bicameral legislature, restructuring and re-orientation are urgent steps the Federal Government must take.