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Winnie Mandela!

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo

Everyday I see Malema shouting on television I admire his energy and convictions. Everyday I hear him talk about the EFF and the vision or democratized economic  prosperity I chuckle with pride.

I saw him deliver that oratory at Winnie’s funeral. I heard him call names. I was touched by his delivery. But I did’t know why I even thought he could shock me, and throw a dart at Dali Mpofu for me.

Winnie Mandela
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

Dali Mpofu was a  young ANC lawyer. He was half Winnie Mandela’s age at some point.  The allegations were rife then. He was suspected of repeated open adultery with Winnie. Reports reached Mandela, he didnt curse him as many expected.

When Mandela came home from prison many thought they would stop. But  the liaison between Winnie and Dali  Mpofu  continued, apparently.  Winnie  strenuously denied the open secret. But her love letters to the impudent adulterer were  later exposed.

Mpofu is innocent, yes  he denied all the allegations.

In one letter Winnie wrote Dali Mpofu :

“…….. you have no time for me……….you are running around f…… girls at every emotional excuse…….   ….Tata has not spoken to me for 5 months because of you….. yet you have no time for me……I tell you the situation is deteriorating at home for me but you are not bothered , you are satisfying yourself every night with a woman…..I wont be your bloody fool Dali…..Tata is investigating my accounts…….

Tata  (Mandela)  divorced Winnie for unrelenting  infidelity.

Dali Mpofu and Winnie were investigated  by the ANC for embezzlement of funds belonging to Social  Development Dept which they both ran. Dali Mpofu was sacked. Winnie Mandela resigned .

That same Dali has become the chairman of EFF, one of the there major parties in South Africa.

Malema is the founder, mouth piece and president  of the  party.  He sees and talks about the sin of everyone, past and present. But on Dali Mpofu and that sacrilege, he is deaf blind and dumb.

Malema. Typically, African.


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