By Bunmi Sofola

IF you lack the motivation to jump-start projects and assignments at work; or have bad habit of scrambling to get the job done by pulling a stressful all-nighter, then you may have a bigger problem than lack of organization. In fact, the speed-bump in your progress might be procrastination. identifies these types of on-the-job procrastinators and provides simple techniques to combat that nasty urge to delay.

The perfectionist sets high standards and then worries about falling short of them, causing her to avoid starting the task. If this sounds familiar, set two deadlines. The first is your own and the second is the real one. Meeting your personal deadline will allot extra time to perfect the project before actual date.

The fantasizer has great ideas that make the boss happy, but later  frustrate him or her with the lack of results. Avoid a guilt trip by not biting off more than you can chew. Do the required project first,and if time permits, put in the extra mile to make it sizzle!

The crisis maker loves a challenge and lives and dies by under the gun motivation. If you get an adrenaline rush from cutting it close, then you might want to get thrills by picking up some new hobbies.

At work, you should start projects earlier and reward yourself for being prepared ahead of time.

The stubborn worker uses her anger towards a superior or co-worker as an excuse not to do a certain task. Chances are when she does complete it, she does it incorrectly or, incompletely. So, if you’re pissed off, simmer down, take a chill pill and try talking to the person in question to resolve your conflict. If you’re still feeling spiteful, then try to see the value you can gain by executing the project in a timely fashion.

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