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On TY Danjuma’s call for self defence

By Juliet Ebirim &Adetutu Adesoji

It could cause more harm than good – Kent Okwe Bisong, Teacher

First of all you have to understand why he said that. It’s an emotional statement due to the recent killings of his kinsmen. He is from Taraba state. But as an elder statesman, he shouldn’t have said that because it could cause more harm than good.. Such statements coming from someone like him will only encourage young men to acquire more weapons in the name of defending themselves thereby posing more problems for the state.

It’s just a warning – Kolade Kemi Kafilat, Corp Member

This statement is an encouragement to those who already have sinister thoughts. But it is just a warning statement. No harm in preparing oneself against the unknown.

You get killed when you’re defenseless – Joseph Pere, Media Consultant

When you are defenseless you can be killed, but when you have a means of defense, it’s a 50:50 chance. So it’s okay, and that doesn’t mean people should acquire guns and other weapons for personal wickedness. Though to purchase a gun, you need a licence even though we know people still get illegal ones. But in a way, being armed is good. If I know you are armed, I will be more careful not to attack you easily.

This is an encouragement to the weak – Osaze, Event Compere

Self defence is not arms carrying. You do not sit down and watch while somebody puts his/her fingers into your eyes. TY Danjuma’s call is an encouragement to the weak and thus the weak should stand up and defend themselves.

Inability of security agencies to protect lives justifies the call – Charles Otu, Journalist

The call is long overdue especially considering the fact that the security forces in Nigeria appear not to be only overwhelmed by the recurring attacks on lives and property, but also seem to have compromised in their constitutional mandate to protect lives and property. Nigerians had expected the government at the centre to take the issue of herdsmen and farmers clashes seriously by not just talking tough, but acting tough like during IPOB ‘unrest’. Even when security agencies claimed they were foreign mercenaries, not much has been done to truly unravel their actual identities. This alone appears to have heightened apprehension and therefore justify the call by T. Y. Danjuma for Nigerians to defend themselves!

He should have exercised more caution – Enitan Olukotun, Journalist

TY Danjuma should have been more cautious with his statement considering his standing in the country. He is a very influential personality whose opinions can be taken for the gospel. However, the contextual meaning of his statement should not be discarded. It is becoming increasingly worrisome that the security agencies can’t protect the lives of the citizens. Recall that over 73 people were killed on the 1sth of January, 2018 and yet we have not seen the arrests of any of the killers. It suggests complicity of sorts. Therefore, it won’t be out of place for people to exercise commensurate level of defense to save their lives when marauders attack. Enitan Olukoun, Editor -In -Chief, Complete News.

He waited too long – Larry Kyaan, Businessman

He waited too long in my opinion. Maybe the call coming from someone of his standing is just what Nigerians need to jolt us to the reality of what’s going on.

This could trigger more crises – Terry Olakunle, Film maker

Such a statement from a top personality could trigger more crises, because TY Danjuma is one of the national leaders whose words or opinions go a long way in nation building. If TY Danjuma wants Nigerians to defend themselves, thereby encouraging Nigerians to acquire weapons, then our leaders are telling us that Nigeria is close to being a failed State, where security is not guaranteed. It was very wrong of him to have made such a statement.

It will lead to chaos if adopted – Williams Eke, Banker

I think it’s a situation of national security and if adopted, will lead to chaos. Our military is to blame. They have not been doing a good job, that is why this type of option is being considered.

We can’t afford to fight another civil war – Ambassador Cornel Udofia, Publicist

Such comments are capable of widening the ethnic gap in the country leading to an outbreak of animosity and violence. We can’t afford to fight another civil war. Recall that the failed break-away republic and secessionist state – Biafra was built on similar circumstances, as well as the failure of the leaders at the time to reach a truce to avert the three- year war. Our leaders must come together to bring the desired peace needed for the growth of the country .

Afeez Yusuf, businessman, Abuja

“Apology is not the first step to it. PDP should first of all admit the fact that it destroyed our economy by trading the future of Nigerians, especially the youths for the personal aggrandizement of its members. Voting them in again should be out of the question.”

Musa Saint, Development expert, Abuja

“For me, nothing has changed despite the apology. There is no difference between the APC and the PDP. I will be on the lookout for a good candidate and once I see one, I will not only vote for him or her, but will also canvass for votes as if my life depends on it.”

Kyande Samson, Student, Abuja

“Nigerians should accept PDP’s apology wholeheartedly because so far, the APC has only made a success of the blame game. The promises made by the party (APC) have not been kept, so why not the PDP in 2019? I personally believe the PDP will do better if given another chance, especially now that they have realized their mistakes and humbly apologized to the people.”


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