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Networking/ Sponsorship
•Moses into construction and innovations of inverter solar systems,moving message display and anti theft car security gadgets, needs sponsorship of N15million or less, for good finishing and mass production of his products.08036108310
•Adesina MBA holder, needs financial assistance to expand his farming activities.08030848020
•Khalid 19,undergraduate, needs financial assistant from well meaning Nigerians, to enable him pay his school fees and accommodation, Mohammed Khalid, 3107712160,First Bank. 08035229569

Searching Male
•Taiwo 25, a graduate, from Osun State, but resides in Lagos,needs a lady, aged 19-24 for friendship. 07081687444
•Mike 23, student from Edo State, needs a good and caring rich female friend, from Benin, aged 18-21. 08075813519
•Robert 30, needs male friends, aged 35-50, who can share positive ideas on how to move forward in life. 08055648886
•Jude 32, needs a loving, caring, understanding, pretty and employed lady, aged 20-40, who resides in Ajah, Vi, Ikeja,for friendship.07032292819, 08053747402

Searching Female
•Tessy 34, beautiful,busty, caring and humble,needs a caring, tolerant, healthy and hardworking man,for a relationship, aged 40-70, who have sense of humour.
•Egovine 33,from Anambra State, needs a nice and caring man, from Anambra or Enugu, aged 38-48, for marriage. 08058895580
•Ellie 20, slim, fair in complexion, tall, busty, intelligent, focused and a student, needs a sensitive, rich and down to earth man, who is also a cheerful giver, for a mutual benefiting relationship.09092143454

Searching Male
•Dk 36 Slim ,tall dark in complexion, self employed and resides in Lagos, needs a caring, romantic and self employed or employed lady, aged 25-38, who is ready for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. 07085151579,08101970086
Kool guy, 33, resides in Lagos need a pretty working class girl, in lagos only for a serious relationship on 08102749537
•Ty 40, resides in Asaba Delta State, needs a beautiful, God fearing and employed lady, aged 33-39, for a serious relationship.08038227614
•Francis from Delta state, needs a lady, who can take care of him, aged 25-34. 07031865362
•Bolagade 55, a graduate, employed, homely, and resides in Lagos, needs an intellectual lady, who is light in complexion, employed ,aged 50 and above, either foreigner, Nigerian, for companionship.08057021726
•Ambrose 39 resides in Lagos, needs a lady from Ghana, Togo or Benin republic, for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage aged 25-40. 07026891283,07038254107
•Kelly 24, from Warri, Delta State, needs a honest and beautiful, God fearing lady, aged 17-24, for a serious relationship.07015965587
•Rex needs a lady, in Delta state, for a serious relationship,that can lead to marriage. 08100669419
•Uche 35, lovely, gentle with soft voice and employed, needs a God fearing lady, from a good family, who is employed or into business, aged 26-31.08105904468,
•Emma 28, resides in Port Harcourt, needs a God fearing lady, for a relationship that can lead to marriage,aged 20-25.08133618383, 08141326228
•Ikechukwu 43, and resides in Enugu, needs a tall and God fearing lady, who is a graduate and employed for marriage.07038499738
•Collins 43, reside in Enugu, needs a God fearing, tall, pretty and nice lady, who is employed, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage, aged 25-35. 09085420213
•Olaide 30, resides in Lagos, needs a lady, for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage 09063506117, 07039083646
•Godswill 30,tall,fair in complexion, educated, employed,responsible, God fearing and resides in Benin needs a God fearing and responsible lady, for a decent relationship that will led to marriage, aged 25-40. 08060168528, 08162967224
•Godwin 35, employed and resides in the East, needs a God fearing, smart, intelligent and educated lady,for a serious relationship.09076966172
•Oghenekaro 30, a graduate and a masters degree holder in energy and petroleum, economic MEPE, from Isoko Delta state, needs a lady, aged 21-26, who is also from Delta state, for a relationship that will lead to marriage. 07036856781
•Phil 35, a graduate, needs an employed lady, or single mother with one or two kids, who can get him a better job, for a serious love affair that will lead to marriage, aged 30-45. 08037266984
•Owolabi 34, needs an employed Muslim lady, in Lagos, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage.08026696386, 08170215980

Sugar Cares
Searching Female
•Nnenny 23, average height, fair in complexion, beautiful, busty and good in bed, needs a rich sugar daddy, who resides in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt, that can take care of her needs. 07081961697, 07013065125
•Alexandra 25, resides in Lagos, needs influential, rich sugar daddy, for a romantic affair, in Lagos, aged 40-60. 09068733359

Searching Male
•Unique 22, resides in Owerri, needs a matured and busty sugar mummy, from Owerri, for a relationship. 09028862734
•Scar graduate, slim, cute, from Akwa Ibom but resides in Lagos, needs a sugar mummy for a sexual relationship. 08035097001,08025580636
•Jerry 38, resides in Benin needs a sugar mummy.08055809061
•Chris 35, cute, caring, strong, employed and hard working, needs a sugar mummy, for a relationship. 08118217825
•Nelson 35, tall, dark in complexion,romantic, a graduate, and employed, needs a caring sugar mummy, aged 36 and above. 07066568311



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