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Reno Omokri’s serial mischef making

By Ejiro Thompson
Despite the weight of figures and evidence in the public space that constantly rubbishes his penchant for petulance, Reno Omokri keeps on recycling old fables with baseless statements that have been cut down to size in the past.

Pastor Reno Omokri

Reno’s regular statements and spurious allegations of the Vice President are no longer reprehensible, but ludicrous. It amounts to cheap blackmail. He does not even show any modicum of respect for the personality of the Vice President or the office he represents, which is a crying shame. Does he have a personal grievance against the person of Prof. Osinbajo?

However, the only defence Reno could put up in his statement was that the truth was leaked. What about the facts and figures in the story, Mr. Omokri, what do you have to say about that when a national paper says the documents are available to back up these figures?

His itchy fingers to defend the indefensible despite facts and figures now sounds like a broken record and makes him come across like a child who would not stop crying for a jar of cookies that was rightfully taken from him because it was not his in the first place.

The Nigerian media, which is one of the most vibrant media in this part of the world, is known for breaking news stories and publishing investigative reports. In case Reno does not know, quoting ‘sources’ is not the creation of the Nigerian media, it is practiced all over the world.

$25 billion contracts

And for him to claim that the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo is the source of the story that made the rounds, last weekend, is tantamount to downright mischief and blackmail.

In another article, he asked: ”What about the $25 billion contracts that were awarded without due process at the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation as detailed in the leaked memo from the minister of state for petroleum resources, and for which the Vice President himself was almost roped in and for which he had to issue a quick denial?

This has been repeatedly clarified. There is no $25 billion contract scam anywhere.

Apparently, the camp of Omokri and co. has been ruffled by the stance of this administration against corruption. They are not happy that the government has chosen to expose the mindless abuse of public funds that took place under Jonathan’s watch. They would rather that the Buhari administration swept the humongous dirt under the carpet, and continue business as usual, while Nigerians suffer. In the article, which at best was an imprudent attempt to white-wash the truth, and confuse Nigerians, Mr. Omokri, the self-acclaimed best seller clearly exposed his utter desperation to patch up the shredded reputation of his master which has been eternally smeared.

Unfortunately, he is swimming against the tide, because for the first time, in a long while, the issue of corruption is being dealt with decisively and transparently and it’s too late to turn back the hands of the time. Even the international community has come to recognize this fact and have shown willingness to offer a helping hand where necessary. And like the Vice President said during Quarterly Business Forum (QBF), having a President who is not corrupt takes care of at least 50% of our financial problems.

Amplifying an honest error

Instead of celebrating the unprecedented feat, Mr. Omokri, in his usual immature manner and nativity, chose to dwell on vanity. He would rather amplify an honest error by the Vice President when he stated during APC’s governorship campaign flag-off in Onitsha, Anambra State, that $2billion, instead of N2billion has been released for the construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge.

Even though the office of the Vice President, upon noticing the error, immediately issued a statement to clarify the statement, Mr. Omokri will not deny of an opportunity to indulge in a worthless self-glorification, just like he has done on several occasions.

 Ejiro Thompson is a public affairs analyst.


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