AQUARIUS; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today ; Unless you are more careful matters-of-the-heart may cause avoidable trouble the way your career/business can suffer temporarily.

PISCES; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today ; It is important you don’t exhibit aggression unnecessarily. Here is a day when secret love is capable of bringing serious pressure. Try to be very diplomatic.

ARIES; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today ; Your concentration level is not perfect and if you take bad advice from friends you would be misled. The more practical you are the better for you.

TAURUS; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today ; Unnecessary aggressive approach on your part along your career/business lines will back-fire more than you imagine. Graceful expression is what you will need.

GEMINI; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today ; Happenings within your working arena can bring minor provocation but it is just a passing trend. Travelling for love will bring more challenges than expected.

CANCER; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today; Male members of this Star sign will need to watch their libido while female must not ignore their sex-life. Beware of joint ventures with those you don’t know.

LEO; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today; It is not compulsory you take to aggressive re-action to those within your base of operation who are not as perfect as you. Protect your spouse.

VIRGO; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today; Watch what you eat and drink today. This is the wrong time to engage in unnecessary heated argument.. Romance at work may bring disappointment.

LIBRA; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today; Trying to influence matters-of-the-heart with money will not give you the desired result. Any way it is a day you will need to be more careful with money.

SCORPIO; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today; It is important you are more careful while trying to pass judgement on people within your base of operation because you too may be wrong.

SAGITTARIUS Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis; today ; Taking a pleasure drive or movement may bring more than anticipated responsibility. Keep away from whatever can not be placed above board today.

CAPRICORN; Full-Moon across Leo/Aquarius axis today If you allow friends to force their ideas on you financially or on matters-of-the-heart, you would be the loser. Express yourself gracefully.
What should I know?

Dear Joshua,
Kindly tell me where the Moon was placed when I was born and other things I should know about my star.
Lateef, Ibadan
Dear Lateef,
What space can take will be given here-under. Your natal Moon was in Aries.

Preponderance of cardinal quality in your chart is an indication of GREAT LEADERSHIP QUALITY together with innate ability to attain prominence on one hand, on the other hand, exaltation of intellectual related Mercury in Aquarius at positive angle to both lucky Jupiter and Uranus (the planet of genius) in Libra pointed to a person with higher pitch of intelligence.

Action loving Mars as the final depositor of your horoscope ( that’s most influential planet at home when you were born) will most times induce you to strongly desire importance with likeness for quick results; actually long promise without concrete action will bore you easily. Equally 60 percentage of push-full influence in your chart means that the best for you is to go after your needs and wants.

Combination of all the placement and aspects formed within the planets when you were born are pointers to you as a person with balanced personality with little bias for good spiritual life. And you believe in disciplinarian life style.

Placement of your natal Sun and Moon in compassionate Pisces and self conscious Aries respectively are indications of your being mainly a Piscean and partly an Arian, however as Aries is also your Stellium sign, both basic characteristics of Pisces and Aries are highly pronounced in your inner-self.

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