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Nigerians speak on latest fuel crisis

If all refineries are 100% performing today, they can only meet the estimated fuel need of four decades ago when they were built. Let us wait on Dangote to do what past and present administrations could not do for Nigerians- Mr Ebeniro Nnadozie, Graduate

After ripping off the people by increasing fuel pump price when refined products price was at bottom low, this government cannot supply fuel to the people due to rising crude oil price. It is high time all hands be on deck over this issue- Mr Sona Chukwu, Journalist

Black Market Sellers waiting for Customers along Aba Road in Port Harcourt weekend. Photo: Nwankpa Chijioke

The government should  stop blaming past leaders, take full responsibility, repair our refineries and build more, ease other suffering and difficulties faced by ordinary Nigerians, then end importation of fuel. Mr Abdurrahman Magaji- Entrepreneur

Independent importers  should import and sell at a pegged price of not more than N175/litre. Lowering dollar rate for them will be subject to abuse and aid diversion to neighbouring countries. Subsidy should not be re-introduced either. Miss Judith Ekwu- Businesswoman.

Neither APC nor PDP  has the solution to the problems of Nigeria. We need a fresh, different political party with different set of people with different mindset to deliver Nigeria from r abysmal failure in governance. Mr Samuel Haruna, Worker

Our leaders need the re fineries to be remunerated and more allocation of crude oil to local refineries for contracts to be awarded to them and they can export the finished products, while common Nigerians keeps suffering in Nigeria- Mr Joshua Olusola, Engineer.


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