January 5, 2018

Another year of controversy for Mercy Aigbe

Another year of controversy for Mercy Aigbe


*Keeps mum over trending birthday dress saga
…as designer reacts!

By Iyabo Aina

After she dominated the Nigerian social media space throughtout the greater part of last year, actress Mercy Aigbe is back in the news again for the wrong reason. The actress since last week has been under attack over  her birthday outfit, which she  shared on her Instagram page.

Mercy Aigbe was dragged to the social media again by Nigerians after a bride accused her of using her dress for birthday shots. The aggrieved bride, Lawrentta whose wedding was scheduled for the 29th of December, 2017 had called out her designer, Maryam Elisha (@rikaotobyme  and tongue-lashed her.

Mercy Aigbe

However, defending her action, the designer blamed  it on a dispatch error as both dresses ordered by Mercy Aigbe and the bride-to-be w

ere the same material.

On her Instagram page, she wrote:“Our attention has been drawn to the ongoing chaos surrounding a dress and one of our esteemed clients on Instagram and possibly on other blogs and social media sites.

“We would have preferred if this matter was addressed directly to us for a quick resolution and to avoid the media frenzy, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

“We hold our clients dearly and offer our services on first come first served bases with no iota of discrimination or insinuation of such.

“We admit that a dispatch error occurred in the delivery of a dress to Miss Lawrentta, who was set to get married on the 29th December, 2017 and the pick up of another dress on behalf of actress, Mercy Aigbe. . . .Please note that both dresses were of the same style, the same colour (red) and almost the same measurement.

“On realising the error on dispatch, we quickly tried to rectify the mix up. But it was too late as the wrong dress was already on its way to Edo state for the bride to be.

Meanwhile, the designer’s explanation did not go down well with the Bride who tagged her as ‘wicked’ and  went ahead to dismiss her claim by asking some pertinent questions.

“Reading your reply @rikaotobyme to the pain and embarrassment you deliberately caused me for financial profit on the eve of and on my wedding day, I am convinced that you are indeed wicked, a wickedness that has consequences.” Lawrentta said.

“Firstly, in your response you claim there was a dispatch error. Was the error of dispatch the cause of the delivery agent’s number being “not reachable” as you claimed? Secondly, you also claimed the “dispatch error” was too late to be rectified as the wrong dress was already on the way to Edo state. At what point was the “dispatch error” discovered since your staff Kate, dropped off the dress at Ojota around 9pm for night bus delivery?

“Thirdly you claimed also that similarities in the dresses caused the “mix-up”. If that was the case why did @realmercyaigbe on receipt of a dress that wasn’t hers still go ahead to wear it for her 40th birthday shoot and post on social media on the 31st of December?”

According to Lawrentta, the wrong dress which was eventually delivered to her was not in any way new. However,  embittered Mercy Aigbe has remained silent in the ongoing drama as it has generated many reactions from Nigerians on social media with some advising the actress to take down the picture and apologize to the bride, while others are busy rained insults on her.

Whereas some in support of the actress said the designer should be blamed as Mercy may not be aware of the circumstance.