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He needs to address his daughter’s addiction


A few years ago, I met a wonderful man and we’re very happy together. There’s just one problem – his teenage daughter. She’s almost 18 and sleeps around, smokes and drinks.

Her mother is currently battling cancer so her dad lets her get away with murder. He gives her a generous weekly allowance, which she uses to fund her bad habit. Her so-called boyfriend is supposed to be on hard drugs.

Her tear-away habit is putting a strain on our relationship and some friends have advised I keep out of it.

Others say I should let her dad know what is really going on and not give her so much money. Do you think I should speak to him or keep my mouth shut?

Ireti, by e-mail.

Dear Ireti,

If this young woman’s behaviour is having a direct impact on your life and the man you love, you should offer constructive support where appropriate.

You can’t leave your partner to deal with this alone. If the girl’s mother is very ill, she may not be up to helping him raise their child and he’s probably confused as to how to raise a teenage daughter. I don’t think your man will be offended if

you advise him.

But don’t make this all about you and your relationship. Tell him you want to do what is right for his daughter.


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