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How to curb your man’s anger – Bunmi Sofola

Do you live with Mr. Angry? He is the kind of guy who loses it at the slightest thing—on the pitch, on the road, in the pub. He needs to learn that getting into a rage not only jeopardises friendship and jobs, it is very bad for your health. Extreme anger, say experts, affects your blood pressure and can even trigger a heart attack.


So how can you help your man keep his cool? Encourage him to recognize his own flash-points and then to talk about what sets him off. Suggest that he tries to avoid stressful situations. If driving winds him up, maybe he should take the bus. If he loses his rage when he’s drunk,

perhaps he should cut down on his drinking.

Come up with ways of diffusing that surge of energy—he could go for a run, pound a punch-bag (help you with pounding yam maybe?!) or pummel a pillow. Teach him that it makes sense to

walk away from a potential flash-point. He shouldn’t wait for the other bloke to back down—losing face figuratively is better than losing your face literally. Above all, get him to understand that he

should never act in the heat of the moment, chances are he will regret it later. It is better to calm down first and then plan the next move.


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