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Technology, clearing barriers to quality education, says LG boss

By Prince Osuagwu

THE bedrock of every society is built on a solid educational foundation which will guarantee a brighter tomorrow for teeming youths around the world. A well rounded education is typically tied to the quality of a school’s available resources, assess a student’s progress and facilitate the learning process. It is important to create the right environment for learning to take place.

However, with the advent of technology and the wonders it has been doing to societies which make it the centre of their economic policies, education is seen to have a breadth of life once it is rooted in technology.

Meanwhile, many technology companies that are desirous of entrenching their products into the minds of youths, have also found one way or the other to link whatever they have around educational development. Perhaps, this is what mobile device and home appliances maker, LG Electronics wanted to showcase recently in its HVAC system. LG said that it perfectly understands the significance of an effective learning environment and that is why its HVAC systems is aimed at cultivating the climate for education  by reducing distractions, increasing attention spans and boosting  the motivation for teachers and students alike

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son said “education today embraces Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to offer flexible learning environments that are not possible in classrooms or other traditional learning spaces. Students of today can tailor their learning experience towards how best to absorb new information while craving to have free access to a wide range of educational resources to keep themselves intellectually engaged.

“LG has clearly shown its understanding of the principles of establishing air conditioning training academy in institution of higher learning across the world. This is in furtherance to the company’s strong belief in investing heavily in the future of tomorrow’s leaders who require all the necessary tools to live out their dreams. It went further to offer free classes and vocational training to professionals in the industry; this has helped in no small measure in stirring the lives of students. The knowledge acquired from these training will no doubt help to create the much desired value in the students”.

According to Son, “we will continue to support the educational sector with the required resources and equipment to encourage students on whose shoulders lies the future of any country. The importance of education cannot be overemphasized in the life of every corporate entity, that is why we will go to any length to impact the educational with whatever we have at our disposal be it educational friendly products, educational grants and scholarship and what have you. LG is indeed committed to funding educational initiatives around the world.”


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