By Peter Osalor

THE future is littered with uncertainty, and so are all of our lives’ endeavours.There is one thing we can do to add a bit of certainty to it. We can know a trade or skill that will never diminish in need. This analysis affected the whole world and Nigeria in particular.

The world stock market crashed, big corporation closed down, unemployment rose, jobs that were supposed to be secured for life disappeared, and careers started crumpling, price of oil collapsed from 140 to 45 dollars per barrel, youth unemployment rose up , youth restiveness everywhere even in the Arab world, the Arab spring.

We are now faced with realities where there is no job waiting for you, if you need a job you create it. ILO predicts the global market will continue to deteriorate in coming years and says a slowdown in economic growth means more jobs will be lost this year with young people bearing the brunt. ILO director general said more 61 million jobs have been lost since the start of the global crisis and projection shows that unemployment will continue to rise until the end of the decade, by 2019 more than 212 million people will be out of work.

This means you should be thinking of creating your jobs now. The world has no shortage of capital or natural resources and the demand is there because the population is increasing. The problem is human capital, talents, skills, critical thinking and creativity is what is needed now not academic certificate.

For you to develop your skills, identify needs and fill the gap. In simple term create your own jobs and be entrepreneurial in your thinking. No short cut. At the same time over 40% of employers need employees while over 200 million are unemployed. Why the Education is disconnected with the labour market.

You have to be trained and retrained, and acquire new skills. We are in the era of lifelong learning, continuous education but not the type the traditional universities are producing. The educationist must meet with the business leaders to bridge this gap. You should be thinking of either quitting a boring job you are stuck with because of fear and if you have no job after searching for years fine don’t lose any sleep just be ready to reinvent you self. Job security is gone forever. Don’t wait to be made redundant just decide to move on to a more life fulfilling level.

Be your own boss

BE your own boss: Greater control to take decisions that will affect the future of your family and your business. You have flexible working hour. Opened career progression; Diverse learning experiences; Greater sense of satisfaction; High motivation and morale;                  Enhanced business networking; Employment protection; Ability to retire sooner and pass your business to your children. But it takes a lot of your time, risk of failing is there but commitment and continuity will make you succeed. Entrepreneurship is the answer and the place to be with present economic situation facing Nigeria and the world.

Be prepared: Planning, Retraining and Skills Acquisition.

This is a major step in your life, deciding that you want to be your own boss. It is not going to be easy. Even taking the decision alone might be scary but in spite of your fears, decide YES I CAN. This means you are bold. Once you decide there is no turning back, forward ever, backward never.

Allan Sugar said you cannot start your own business then after some time you change your mind and seek for employment. You cannot because you will no more fit in.  Taking a decision and abiding by your decision is difficult but it is one of the traits of great men and achievers. This is what differentiates the boys from the men. Living your own dreams not your fears.


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