The world is ever changing. Seasons come and go; people change; relationships change; our desires change; our bodies change; systems change; with this changing spree of events and conditions of life emotions tend to fluctuate with the tide of changes if not controlled and channeled toward positivity it will drift towards negativity. When we allow the happenings around us to control our emotions, our emotions can lead us into the dungeon of existence.

Our circumstances do not have to dictate to us how to respond; our response to the events of life should be dictated from within-by our values. When you stop living by how you feel; we start living by our values. When we start living by how we feel; we stop living by our values. Do we adapt to changes when things don’t go our way? Or do we manifest emotional outburst when we experience uninvited changes? To be able to transition from working our plans to the unexpected and unpredictable changes in our plans due to circumstances beyond our control in an easy going and adaptable manner is emotions under control.

Thoughts set the pace for emotions; thoughts leads emotions follow. To effectively combat negative emotions we must control our thoughts. We should pay close attention to what we are thinking about in order to reap the dividends of emotional stability. When we have made plans for the day and our feelings do not want to align then we must use our will and re-direct our thoughts focusing them on the reasons why we should work out our plans without procrastination and thinking the “I can” and “I will” thoughts. Until life is lived on purpose; life will derail out of balance. And when life derails out of balance; destiny loses its essence.

Until you think on purpose, life will never be lived on purpose. Until you think on purpose, emotions go wild. And when emotions go wild; crisis cashes in. Good thoughts breed good feelings. Bad thoughts breed bad feelings. Believing the best of every person and situation is the shield that wades off negative emotions from ravaging our lives. You cannot control people around you and you may not be able to control the circumstances around you but you can absolutely control your thoughts and consequently your emotions.

When your emotions are sinking that means your thoughts is the body of water that make it sink. When your emotions are flaring up that means your thoughts is the fuel that caused the flare. Therefore, positive thoughts produce positive emotions and happy thoughts produce happy emotions. Let your flash back on memory lane be to connect with positive events. Never dwell on the memories of negative and hurtful past because it makes emotions sink and destiny stink. When you are emotionally down get your thinking up.

Negative emotions are an indication of negative thoughts dwelling in the mind. You feel discouraged when you think discouraging thoughts. You feel unhappy when you think unhappy thoughts. Therefore, when you catch yourself feeling negatively, pause and examine your thoughts and refocus your mind on positive and constructive thoughts.

Words can dampen our mood and words can also enliven our mood. To change the mood we feel; we need to change the words we express. When we learn to control our words we will develop the capacity to control our emotions. When we talk about what we don’t have-our problems; we stockpile negative emotions. When we talk about what we do have-our blessings; we build up positive emotions. Fill your mouth with positive and hopeful words and you will beat down bad mood and get into the happy lane of life. Therefore, self-control is the key to unlock emotional stability.
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