July 24, 2017

Wapic Smart plan provides channels for savings – Adekoya

Wapic Insurance Plc has said that its newly introduced Wapic Smart Plan will promote sustainable savings culture in the country, says the Managing Director, Yinka Adekoya.

According to Adekoya the target savings approach is turning out to be the best strategy for building a sustainable savings culture particularly where it concerns specific financial goals or objectives.

“No doubt that if this culture gets as mainstream as it would appear that it will, Nigerians will cease to view savings as something to be done when there is excess money but will rather see it as being just as important as eating food for survival.

“Wapic with its new SMART products definitely provides more options to choose from topped with the life insurance cover.

“Wapic has done its homework by developing products that are tailored to specific needs and with enticing benefits to go with them. The products basically gives one the chance of efficiently amassing reserves toward meeting here and now commitments and crises with an implanted life cover. So this implies for the period you save you are covered,” Adekoya stated.