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Burden of a Woman

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By Chioma Gabriel

There’s a story trending online recently that has been attracting all manner of comments by many who get miffed by its contents. A man sued his wife for giving him ugly children and and the judge who presided over the case ordered the wife to pay $120,000 as damages.

It was not a case of not giving birth. According to her husband, she gave birth to an “incredibly ugly” child.

N’est-ce pas étrange?

(Is it not strange?)

The man had claimed : “I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he told the Irish Times. “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.”

And the wife herself admitted she had about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery done before she met her man.

He sued her on grounds of false pretenses, for not telling him the truth about the plastic surgery, and duping him into believing that she was beautiful.

And the judge agreed with the man’s argument and ordered his wife to pay over $120,000.

But why the heck would a man call his child, his flesh and blood ugly? Is there anything like an ugly child?

Okay, lets say his wife had plastic surgery before they met and didn’t tell him.

Did he ask?

Although the woman admitted doing cosmetic surgery, that’s not conclusive to suggest there’s no way the man’s sperm can only produce beautiful kids and that, it was his wife’s ugly genes that altered his genes.

Or is the judge saying that ugly people can’t give birth to beautiful kids and vice versa?

We all know that’s untrue.

Hopefully, this child will never see the comments her dad made about her.

The truth is that a woman has to package herself because men like packaged ‘goods’. A woman needs to ‘sell’ her ‘market.’

Seriously speaking, people should learn to ask questions before committing into serious relationships. Who would you blame when you see this oyinbo-like woman and married her and realised later that her complexion was spa-inspired; or you realised the woman in your life is the only fair one in her entire family and you didn’t ask questions. You just concluded it could be genetic. Agreed, some families have albinos that drop once in a generation. Sometimes, it skips generations before it drops again.

Il suffit de demander.

(You just have to ask)

When you see a woman with extra-firm breasts and butts that are out of this world, ask before falling heads over heels. Are they real? Are they silicon? Or even just pads?

Men are moved by what they see. So, women have learnt to package themselves.

If in doubt, ask the likes of Kim Kardashian and her popular sisters or even their mother Kris Jenner. The Kardashians understand packaging. Or ask Amber Rose, Black Chyna and a host of out-of-this-world American celebrities.

Catlyn Jenner was born Bruce Jenner. He used to be a man but is now a woman.

This is a plastic-surgery generation. You can be a man today and tomorrow, be a woman and vice-versa.

Nigerians are now embracing ‘packaging’ with reckless abandon.

Please forgive my sarcasm but why would a man talk about ugly children in this chameleon generation when he should just repackage the ‘ugly’ girl.

It is often felt and hardly spoken but the body language says it all. A pregnant woman who puts to bed perceives greater joy when the baby turns out a great beauty.

A girl-child is an endangered specie! Right from the period of pregnancy, parents prefer to have beautiful female children. It feels good for their ego.

Would you imagine the pain of a woman who carried a pregnancy for nine months and afterwards, she is sued for having ‘an ugly girl’.

Wonders indeed shall never cease.

You can now choose the sex of your child and how to have her: either through direct method or

in vitro fertilization whereby you conceive outside and then implant.

You even can choose who will carry the pregnancy.

Some people have preconceived notion of what they want and hope for in marriage and family. Some go for wealthy partners with the hope that he or she will cater for them. The man in the story obviously married her with the mindset that her beauty is natural and will reflect on their offspring. If the lady had told him that she ‘packaged’ herself, would he have married her?

My take: Plastic surgery or not, no woman is ugly. I haven’t seen one anywhere.  When you see extra-firm breasts, butts and a complexion that looks out of this world, ask questions.

A man or woman who asks questions never misses his way.

Aussi simple que cela

(As simple as that)

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