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APC vs PDP: The game has just started by Femi Fani-Kayode

“The Supreme court did not raise a dead PDP, they only brought out the rotten corpse of a dead PDP for all to smell the bad odour”- Alhaji Lai Muhammed, Minister of Information, Daily Post, 15th July 2017.


I am trying my best to remain magnamonious in victory and to remain restrained but this APC Minister of Information has once again brought out the worst in me

Not only has he told yet another dirty and collosal lie but his deeply offensive and disrespectful characterisation and depiction of our great party the PDP is as inappropiate as it is provocative.

The truth is that it is the APC that are the stinking corpses and the rotting cadavers and not the PDP. They smell like rotting Chinese fish and a Calcutta brothel all rolled into one.

They stink to high heavens and they have fouled up the Nigerian space with their compelling and overwhelming stench and their fecal aroma.

They should bury their heads in shame. They sought to bury the PDP but by the grace and resurrrection power of the Living God we have risen again.

They commited blasphemy and heresy by bestowing divinity and infallibility upon their ailing leader and by deifying themselves.

They came to believe that they were all-seeing, all-knowing and all-powerful. They thought that they were omnicient and omnipresent and they equated their power with that of the God of Heaven.

They sought to turn us into a nation of quislings and slaves. They attempted to cage and impose their will on the Judiciary, the Legislature, the fourth estate of the realm (the media), the civil institutions, the opposition parties and groups and indeed all of their perceived enemies and detractors by the most violent, crude and aggressive means and through the usage of naked tyranny.

They attempted to crush, with an iron fist and steely will, all those who refused to remain silent and continued to opppose them with a lethal display and cocktail of abusive power, impunity, arrogance, brutality and propaganda.
If there were ever such a thing as a civilian dictatorship in Nigeria this was it.

They became blinded by their own delusions yet the bitter truth is that they are nothing more than a rabble-rousing gathering of incompatible bedmates, wandering spirits and vagrant souls.

They are not a political party.

It is no wonder that they have cut out the heart of our nation and almost killed Nigeria .

What a tragedy these misfits have proved to be and what a terrible affliction and spiritual plague they have brought upon our country.

Yet it does not stop there but rather it gets worse as they become emboldened by their madness and insatiable lust for even more power.

I say this because the APC spokesman, one Bolaji Abdullahi who I gather used to be a PDP Minister until he decamped to the APC, added his own brand of disjointed verbiage to the discourse when he advised the PDP “not to push their luck too far” by thinking that they will come back to power in 2019.

One question os relevant here: is this faceless, conflicted and strange little man God? Can he tell us what will or will not happen tomorrow with any precision or certainty? Is he led and guided by the Holy Spirit or by his own carnal delusions and lust for everlasting power.

What a cheeky, self-serving, self-righteous and intellectually dishonest young man this is. What a nerve he has.

Let him be warned that the game has just started and now that the PDP has reclaimed its soul again we shall provide the kind of relentless and unspairing opposition that will keep them on their toes and that will give him and his other party members grey hairs and sleepless nights.

He mocks those of us that are facing politically-motivated criminal charges and malicious prosecution and he seeks to indict us for, according to him, “failing Nigerians for 17 years”.

He forgets that his mentor, the Senate President, has just been through a similar ordeal and barely escaped it by the skin of his teeth.

He forgets that when they are kicked out of power in 2019 both he and virtually the entire APC Federal Government will most certainly be called to account, prosecuted for the monstrous atrocities that they have committed in the last two years.

And if his contention is that the PDP failed Nigerians he, together with virtually all the key stars and players in the APC Federal Government, APC-controlled Senate and amongst the APC state Governors, were part of that failure because virtially all of them used the PDP platform to serve our country in one capacity or other before decamping.

They not only abandoned the PDP ship after benefitting from it and using it to come to national prominence but they also sought to scuttle and destroy it by demonising its key players and actors and using the coercive organs of the state to criminalise, humiliate and attempt to destroy each and everyone of them.

Honestly this little Bolaji Abdullahi should keep his mouth shut and bow his head in shame and he should meditate on the fact that the day of reckoning is surely coming. It is just a question of time.

After 2019 he and his party will pay a heavy price for their deeds and sheer insolence and the Nigerian people will get to know the bitter truth about how the 2015 presidential election was ‘conducted’

After 2019 the Nigerian people will also get to know the true story about the Chibok girls and those who were really behind their abduction.

They will also get to know who is behind Boko Haram, who sponsored it and what its real purpose is.

They will also get to know the names, nature and identities of the evil cabal that has highjacked the Federal Goveenment and that runs the affairs of our nation.

They will also get to know who gave the order to butcher over 1000 Shiite Muslims and thousands of IPOB youths and bury them in mass graves.

They will also get to know who the forces are behind the Fulani herdsmen and why they unleashed them on the good people of the Middle Belt and the south.

They will also get to know why the Federal Government sat back silently and refused to arrest even one Fulani herdsman after they murdered 808 innocent Christians in the sanctity of their homes last christmas eve and last Christmas

They will also get to know why the so-called “war against corruption” is subjective

They will also tell us why they are intimidating members of the opposition

And finally they will also tell us why they would not allow their ailing party leader and President to resign

The truth is that the APC has many questions to answer and in spite of whatever weaknesses the PDP may have had whilst in government they never treated Nigerians with the brutality, impunity and disdain that the APC has done over the last two years.

And most importantly they never brought us to the brink of conflict, civil war and disintegration.

Bolaji Abdullahi and the party he speaks for should prepare themselves for a very rough ride in the next few months because the Nigerian people will call them to account and the new PDP will give them hell. Of that they can be rest assured and all the grandstanding and veiled threats in the world cannot stop it.

Permit me to conclude this contribution with the following.

As if the scurrilous commentry of the Minister of information and the weak and tepid purring of the APC spokesman were not bad enough, a celebrated and notorious APC mole also felt that he had to jump into the fray and kick the PDP in the teeth

Truly the APC and all their friends, moles, associates and agents need to be swept from power in 2019. It is our duty to do this and to pull our nation back from the brink.

This is a solemn promise that we have made and this is an obligation that, by the grace of the Living God, we shall honor and fulfil.


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