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She doesn’t enjoy love-making

Dear Bunmi,

I am a 24-year-old guy and my girlfriend is 20. She has never had an orgasm. She feels her breasts are too sensitive, and kissing them does nothing for her.

She says that sex for her is okay, but it really does not feel great to her. . She loves it when I give her oral sex, and she often masturbates.

I want to give her an orgasm, but if she or I play with her clitoris for too long, it gets really sensitive, so we stop. Is that the sign of a coming orgasm? Should we keep going.

Reuben, by e-mail.

Dear Reuben,

The clitorises of some women do get very sensitive when they become very aroused, so much so that they can’t be touched directly.

But once in that state, it might be possible to trigger an orgasm by touching around the clitoris, so that it gets some stimulation but not so much that it becomes

uncomfortable.I suggest you try that and ask her if she wants more time with foreplay. You can join in helping her to masturbate before having full sex.


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