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What do you make of this unconventional love triangle?

A lot of goodies can be guaranteed your love life if you have age on your side. Take Temisan for instance. In her mid 20s, she wants for nothing, has a job to die for and her love life couldn’t be more adventurous. “A lot of my friends seem to be shocked that I’m openly dating two men, who also happen to be friends,” she bragged, when I asked her if she had any plans of getting married soon. Obviously she doesn’t. She continued: “Others joke that I’m just greedy, and I think deep down, they’re just jealous. They should be too. I first met Kweku and Tony two years ago, when we all served in the same state.

“We all shared the same sarcastic humour and were mad about trying all the local canteens for tasty home-cooked meals. Soon we’d become an inseparable trio. From day one, I fancied Kweku – tall handsome and carefree he was always thumbing his nose at authority. He’d also get drunk from our canteen trips and make us laugh even more. His rebellious streak really turned me on. Tony, on the other hand, was shorter and stockier – he was also good fun but he had an inner depth that Kweku lacked.

“We’ d all carried on as if we’d just stay friends for ever. But one night, drinking with Kweku in his one-room apartment after one of our meals, he joked and asked: `What would you say if I kissed you?’ I was shocked at how aroused the question got me. But I played it cool, shrugged and teased: `I’d say you just did!’ He didn’t need further

prompting. We were all over each other in seconds. We were sitting on his single bed anyway and there we stayed making love with the telly still blaring in the background. He wasn’t what you would call a considerate lover. He was demanding without being romantic but the sex was amazmg.

“A fterwards, he just got up to get us more drinks and started chatting away as if nothing happened. It was obvious he was making his position clear – the sex was fun but he wasn’t looking for anything more from me. The next few days, I was disappointed and angry with him. Had he used me? Confused, I decided to confide in Tony. We were at the office canteen when I casually let it slip I’d slept with Kweku. He was gobsmacked. He recovered quickly though and instead of  offering advice, he just raised an eyebrow. “So what would you say if I kissed you?” he smiled. Now it was my turn to be gobsmacked. But then I thought, why not? Tony was as sexy as Kweku in his own way. “I’d say exactly the same,’ I replied. We decided to go to my place after work and he was the total opposite of Kweku. He was very romantic and after making love, we lay cuddled up. We were so comfortable with each other it was magic. It was then it dawned on me I had to do what Kweku had done to me – make it very clear that it couldn’t go further. ‘You’re a wonderful guy and the sex was good. But I’m not after a relationship”, I told him. He just laughed and shrugged. ‘It was nice though, wasn’t it?’ he said. When Kweku eventually figured out what was going on, he was stunned. He then became excited by the unconventional love triumph. They both had nothing to lose. On the contrary, they got to have sex with no strings attached.

“Afew days later, when we all met at our favourite canteen, I was a bit embarrassed, but it soon passed. In fact, sitting there with my two gorgeous friends, knowing I’d bedded them both, made me feel amazingly sexy. And it was clear the men were not bothered by the I competition’ either. Instead, they both seemed pretty proud of being part of such a naughty set-up – and definitely up for more. A few days after, I slept with Tony again and days later, it was Kweku’s turn.

We eventually returned to Lagos and continued as friends. Now, I still happily flirt between my boys every few days. There are unspoken rules that have developed between us. We would never have a threesome. That would just be too weird. And we always have safe sex. If Tony wants to meet me when I’ve already promised to see Kweku – or vice versa – then I’m always honest. ‘Ok, have fun!’ They’ll just say and laugh. ‘Do you fancy coming round tomorrow instead?’

“Maybe you think I’m naive, and that both men are taking advantage of me. I’m not. It’s great for me too. I’m still young and love the freedom of being single. But I still get sex on tap whenever I want it.

And it’s with my two best friends. So, tell me. What could be better than that?” When I asked her what would happen if both of them had regular girlfriends, she just shrugged. “I might be the one to get hitched first and they would just have to take it on the chin!”


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