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Is alchohol really good for a diabetic?

Dear Bunmi,

Over the years, I’ve read your very interesting column, especially your encouraging readers to drink: in moderation because a bit of alchohol is good for one’s well-being. My problem is that I am diabetic but do like a tripple or two. Am I doing my health any harm? By the way, keep up the good work!

Victoria by e-mail.

Dear Victoria,

Well here is the good news for all you drinkers out there; you’re protecting yourself against diabetes in middle age! That’s the recent conclusion from a US

study. It found women between 25 and 42 who drank two to four units of alcohol a day (one to two glasses of wine) were half likely to get the disease, which results in blood sugar levels becoming too high.

The reason is thought to be because alcohol slows the uptake of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal. Current guidelines advise women to drink a maximum of three units a day. But take it stead; drinking more than this increases the risk of other diseases.


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