November 10, 2016

Poverty to wealth-the mind connection

File photo: Poverty, hunger in the land

File photo: Poverty, hunger in the land

By Udeme Archibong

THE start-up of wealth is in developing a wealth consciousness; whatever you manifest in life hinges on your level of consciousness. This implies that wealth begins from the state of the mind and materializes as the state of life. The start-up of poverty is in possessing a poverty consciousness and it is the poverty consciousness that keeps people perpetually poor and not just the condition of poverty. Therefore, to break free from the condition of poverty, you begin by raising the level of your consciousness.

We live in a universe of infinite possibilities and infinite supply; however, many people have locked themselves and those they influence out of this abundance through selfishness and fear.

The good news is that you about to encounter the key to open the door to abundance others may have locked against you or you may have locked against yourself; you are unstoppable because nobody on earth can stop you from exercising the limitless power of the mind. Herein lies the secret; genuine wealth is not a product of what you struggle for rather it is what you attract because of what you are. In other words, enduring wealth that outlives you is attracted to you because of what you are; life does not give you what you want but what you are.

Whatever you focus your thoughts upon expands and grows into your experience. Hence, when you focus your thoughts on abundance; abundance expands and manifests itself in your experience. When you focus your thoughts on lack; shortage expands and grows as the condition of your life. Every negative thoughts and feeling about money triggers the outflow of abundance from circulating in your life.

Every positive thoughts and feeling attracts the inflow of the circulation of abundance in your life. When you busy your mind with feelings of the need of money you attract into your life more need of money. However, if you focus your mind on abundance knowing that within your subconscious mind lies infinite ideas that could translate into infinite supply of wealth your heart will bask in immense gratitude for this ocean of abundance within you.

Remember, money does not flow in a vacuum; money flows through ideas. A farmer does not go around looking for fruits to consume rather a farmer is aware that if he can get a seed and plant it in a well prepared soil and give it adequate nourishment and care the seed with time will grow into a tree and if these is replicated the farmer will have a forest and he can consume any fruits he wants and at the same time makes money out of it by selling his produce.

It is also important to note that the farmer does not go back to his farm to dig up the seed after planting in order to see if it is growing or not. He has implicit faith that nature will cause to grow whatever is planted in the soil. In other words, he is aware that he cannot play nature’s part and also nature cannot play his part. It applies, you don’t go around looking for money to spend rather you search inward for an idea that taps into your gift and passion that will help solve a problem in the society. Never try to figure out “how” you are going to accomplish your dreams, when you step out in pursuit of your dreams Life will provide the answers; your business is to hold the outcome of your dream consistently in your mind.

Focus your mind on wealth; think abundance; feel abundance; visualize abundance; talk abundance-say to yourself repeatedly “By day and by night I am prospering in all my ways” and you shall handle abundance if you do not allow limited or negative thoughts to dominate your mind. Remember, you become what you think and you bring to reality what you feel.

Caution: “If there is no enemy within the enemy without can do you no harm”. Life will never deliver to you its vault of valuables when envy lurks within your innermost heart. Being critical and envious of other people’s wealth or progress drags a person deeper into poverty. When you do not feel happy for someone else’s success you cause money to develop wings and fly away from you.

Wealth is attracted and sticks to those who have largeness of heart to accommodate it; those who compliment people rather than compete with people; those who seek to be channels of blessings rather than those who hoard to be reservoirs; those who sees money as a means to an end rather than an end in itself.