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Trump’s son helps sisters ridicule father

The woman’s top read Latina against Trump—’Latina contra Trump’ but no-one seemed to realise.

Eric Trump inadvertently helped two sisters brilliantly troll his father in a story that promises to be one of this week’s favourites.

One of the biggest hallmarks of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to date is his ability and seeming determination to alienate huge subsections of the US population, most notably Hispanic, female and Muslim voters.

Upon hearing Eric, a defender of some of his father’s most controversial claims, was visiting Salisbury, in North Carolina, Annie and Ceci Cardelle decided to take a stroll down to the local restaurant where his rally was being held.

While initially trepidatious about attending a rally wearing a ‘Latina contra (Spanish for ‘against’) Trump’, Annie said those gathered failed to notice the significance of the message scribbled across her t-shirt in black marker pen.

Not only were they stood protesting amongst hundreds of unwitting Trumps supporters, they were actually picked from a queue to pose with the business mogul’s son and his wife Lara.

In the now infamous picture, all four had big smiles across their faces.

But while Eric’s expression was his well-practiced, toothy smile for the camera, Annie and Ceci’s grins were out of pure, incredulous disbelief.

Ceci told Buzzfeed News: “I was like, ‘This is not happening. There’s no way they don’t see this shirt.

“They have about four people looking every person up and down before you go and get a picture. We thought there was no way we could get a photo with them.”

The fight back against Mr Trump’s divisive rhetoric has arrived in protests like the above, in social movements and in editorials from high-profile people using their platform to call out the Republican nominee.

In an op-ed for The New York Times, actor John Leguizamo led a rallying cry for the 56 million Latinos living in America to rediscover their self-pride and unify to defeat the possibility of a Trump administration by challenging the prejudice against them ingrained in society.



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