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Dance drama explores the power of praise


The auditorium of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Rose of Sharon, Jida Road, Agbara area of Lagos was filled to the brim as music lovers from all walks of life trooped to watch the concert and album launch by Gospel Mission Dance and Drama Ministry a.k.a Esupofo tagged “ Power of Praise.’

• A scene from the drama piece
• A scene from the drama piece

The three tracks video album tells the story of what Nigerians and indeed Christians face in times of tribulations, where all avenue and means of comfort are no where to be found, a situation that has forced many take drastic measures like committing suicide.

The concert and album launch also featured live performance of comedy, music and drama by artists such as Seun Bash, Menumenu. Twenty 2, Tosin bee, Swaggerpapa, Olutee, MC Ezuzay, Phoenix Dancers,G.M drums, Woli BMW, So Best Comedian, Fantatick, T.B Praise, Tommy Bee and Eji Imole; to trill the audience.

Power of Praise, a soul rendering collection with a blend of dance and drama urges Nigerians who are at their lowest ebb with all hope of survival lost to rise up, sing and dance, as it has the power to take away their despair and sorrow and restore joy and hope to continue in life’s journey.

It was a very wonderful opportunity as many who came there dejected, but during the GMDD stage performance, they struggled to overcome the realities of the present time where standard of living and means to survival is low, few and scare.

The album tells a story of Kolawole, a born again Christian who tries to commit suicide over his wife who left him; the lost of his job and above all the frustration he got from been accused of a crime he never committed that got him arrested by security operatives.

However, solace comes to Kolawole who was on the verge to end his life, when God sends his angel in form of a man of God who tells him to sing and dance. The man of God tells him that not only will praise lift his mood, praise will also make God  attend to his predicaments with divine intervention.

Speaking on the video album, the president of the Gospel Mission Dance and Drama, Mr Alao Temitope, with stage name T-Boy said that Nigerians need to seek God’s intervention on the present economic and political upheavals that the country is facing. “Many people have lost hope in Nigeria , a move that has made them engage in all forms of vices such as oil bickering, kidnap, murder and even suicide to escape the presence realities.

What we don’t know is that with praise, Nigeria’s current position can change for the better. If God can pull down the walls of Jericho through praise , shout and dance; through praise and dance, God made King Jehoshaphat victorious in the battle against three nations. Then, God can do more for Nigeria if only we worship him in spirit and truth through praise and dance. There is great power in praise as God dwells in the praises of his people,” added Temitope.


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