Following in the footsteps of American singer, Alicia Keys, popular actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola has also joined the #NoMakeUpMovement. She recently shared some pictures of herself without make-up on her Instagram page.

According to her, women don’t have to apply powder and creams to look good. She posted a picture of herself and her hubby without make-up, and added the caption, “I’m trying to prove a point to everyone out there that without adding anything, powder, body cream and all manner of makeovers, an ideal human, be it man or woman can still look good and naturally presentable…I am not saying making up is wrong; of course, looking good is good business, but I just realised virtually everyone of us have somehow been chained under the belief that we can never be appreciated, loved or welcomed in the society without the help of make-up or adding special effects to our look…we came to the world without make-up, looking natural and beautiful…I’m African, and believe me I’m proud of who I am…”

Many of her followers lauded her for her comment, saying it would boost the self-esteem of many people who feel insecure without make-up


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