By Ayo Onikoyi

Birthdays are meant to be special, memorable and celebrated with as much vigour and splendour as the celebrant could muster, but these days, our screen divas are beginning to add a whole new meaning to it. Now, no actress celebrates her birthday without hitting the photo studio first, to do what is now known as ‘ birthday photo shoot’ which is released to the public via various social media on D-day.

Any actress who doesn’t jump on this bandwagon on her birthday is perceived broke as the photo shoot which is usually done in some posh studios often entail substantial finance and new dandy, exuberant  wardrobe. As expensive as the photo shoots are, the actresses try to outdo themselves, thus, more often than not going over the edge to broadcast and make a meal of their endowments. In the industry, it is called selling points, and it is quite amazing and entertaining to see how much of salesmanship that is put into it by these actresses. Skimpy dresses, topless poses, cleavage-bearing tops and pants, I mean butt and boobs cleavages, see-through gowns, bikinis, hot pants, bum shorts a shade too short- just anything goes for them for their birthday shoots except posing in their birthday suits. Hey, don’t we love them for it? After all, it is all make-believe. Enjoy some taken recently.

Etiko Destiny’s queen of seduction


Those memorable Etiko Destiny’s pictures have trended almost over a year ago but the allure, the bravado and the sheer quantum of desires they elicit are hard to tuck away. If this isn’t seduction, then what is.


Mercy Macjoe goes topless

Actress on the rise, Mercy Macjoe celebrated her birthday some six days ago and on the d-day she released some  mouth-watering pictures to wow her fans. Mercy simply went for the spectacular as she unveiled her topless self. Her selling point? Hard to tell, because she was actually laying on it all.

Peggy Onah shimmers bikini-style

Some have said Peggy got frugal with showing her real selling point, which undoubtedly lies on her bosom. Her bikini-style shoot was meant to lay it all on the line but Peggy did a trick with a veil which covered it all.

Nancy Iheme in full  bare blast

Upcoming actress, Nancy Iheme is just coming to her element in the make-believe world, yet she looks like she knows her way around. She dared us all with her birthday shoot which must have taught us a thing or two about the anatomy of a woman.


Tessy Oragwa in out of bathroom tease

Her gap-teeth is always inviting, but Tessy Oragwa has other things in mind. Though she was sitting on a bed with only a tower around her mother nature but your imagination can’t help but seeing a damsel stepping out of the bath.

Nsikan Isaac uphill

Budding actress, Nsikan Isaac is a promising talent that is fast eating into people’s hearts both with her talent and beauty. Little wonder she’s called paragon of beauty. She set our emotions uphill in one of the pictures that trended during her recent birthday. It was a big show of cleavage.


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