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War against corruption will fail unless…, GKS cautions

By Sam Eyoboka

THE current war against corruption cannot succeed without a massive spiritual reorientation to purge the people of the negative vices which have eaten deep into the fabric of the people such as the culture of greed, materialism, wasteful consumption and idleness.

This assertion was made by the chairman of the Executive Board of God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), Brother Godwin Ifeacho in the sermon; “Pray that ye enter not into temptation” delivered at the Freedom Day Divine Service, held on Sunday in Salem City, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Chairman of Executive Board GKS, Brother G. O. Ifeacho confering with Bro Femi Akinwale at the Freedom Day Service Warri 2015
Chairman of Executive Board GKS, Brother G. O. Ifeacho confering with Bro Femi Akinwale at the Freedom Day Service Warri 2015

The GKS leader said a radical change of attitude was imperative because of the distortion of values in the land, stressing the need for people to be weaned from the get-rich-quick syndrome as a result of which a growing number of people do not want to work and patiently wait for the seeds they had sown to bear fruit but want to harvest soon after planting or even without planting anything at all.

He said the people need to learn to be hardworking, to learn skills and keep growing in them so as to be insured by the grace of God from want and the temptations of stealing, prostitution and other vices.

According to him, people should cultivate the Christian ethic of prayer, obedience to the laws of God, moderation in all things, thrift, foresight in planning for their future and so on, urging Nigerians to follow the truth preached by our Lord Jesus Christ   and not succumb to the appeal of worldly philosophers, necromancers, secret societies and false prophets.

The Cleric also urged Christians not to be tempted by the difficulties of the times to do things contrary to their beliefs, thereby deviating from their convictions.

Brother Ifeacho stated that people the world over are, at the instance of the devil, being   assailed by natural disasters, wars, poverty, unemployment, social violence, among others, as a result of which they sigh and cry over the hard conditions they have to contend with.

Like in the days of Isaiah, the prophet, the reality today is that many people “call evil good and good evil …(they) put darkness for light, and light for darkness; … (and)   bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

He noted that in many places value systems have been perverted such that corrupt people are honoured, workers, merit and competence are battered for sentimental and selfish reasons as a result of which equal opportunities are not given to everybody, adding: “The difficulties of the times are temptations for which so many people have taken hard and even horrifying decisions for which they have heart-rending stories to tell”.

Ifeacho stated that as a result of wars and economic problems, more than 300,000 Africans and Asians have flooded Europe in search of improved living conditions, creating a “staggering humanitarian crisis, the largest refugee influx since World War II”.

Noting that several hundreds have died through drowning, sickness, starvation and hostilities by border officials, he wondered how much longer people will continue to endure such miseries while their leaders struggle for power.

Calling on people to look up to God Almighty and Jesus Christ to overcome the challenges of the times, he asserted that it is “sad and appalling” that countries that are supposedly founded on Christian ideals are now fighting Christianity by legalizing unnatural and un-Christian practices such as same-sex unions.

In addition to the sermon of the GKS Executive Board chairman, there was a discourse on the subject; “Was Christ Born on Christmas Day” by Brother Emmanuel Oriaku. There were also musical performances by various cultural groups in the church. Apart from GKS Warri Branch, other branches that observed the annual celebration to mark the birth of Christ in October were those in Ibadan, Owerri, Sagbama, and Monrovia (Liberia).



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