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I told Fayemi, he is in the wrong party – Bode George

Governor Kayode Fayemi’s concession of victory to his opponent, Ayodele Fayose has continued to draw commendations from far and wide and even from normally hostile quarters. One of such normally hostile forces, Chief Olabode George, the erstwhile deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP asserts that Fayemi has made a gesture that history will not easily forget.

He said:
I was shocked but at the same time extremely happy when I heard it. He has made a first in this country and history will never forget that gesture. His name will be in gold among decent, civilised politicians. People always think that politicians are a bunch of ruffians and they don’t know what they are doing. My feelings towards Gov. Fayemi; because I know him, I told him once that he was in a wrong party but I congratulate him for that magnanimity, that sense of decency, that uncommon courage.

As I have said several times, you know, if you look at pattern since 1999, the quality of people coming now to governance in House of Representatives, state assemblies and all that, people are gradually maturing. They watch international television. The world is a global village now.

The power you have is in that vote. If a governor comes to convince you that look I will do A, B,C,D for you, and he fails to do that; wait until the time of elections. So, we are maturing. Those who are talking about killing, maiming, roasting people, they have remained primitive people. This nation has gone beyond that. What happened in Ekiti has propelled this nation among the G7 in the world.

The civilised people; the way politics should be played, the way politics should be handled. It is not a matter of life and death but when you go through judicial rascality and whatever, manipulating the process, you disturb it. You saw what the Ekiti people did.
I was there. Before we went to campaign, they said look, we didn’t get salaries both the teachers and civil servants for months. How? And the only industry is school fees.

You increased school fees. What were they thinking? These are human beings. Not animals. So for me, it is a glorious ending and also a lesson. If you go to the people to ask them that I will manage the resources optimally for their benefit, you better make sure you do that otherwise you may not even serve out your term before they throw you out.


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