April 5, 2014

My most romantic moment — Lizzy Gold Onuwaje

My most romantic moment — Lizzy Gold Onuwaje


By Ayo Onikoyi

Former Miss Delta State and budding Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, is beautiful, bold and daring. When only a few women would ever accept money means anything to them, Lizzy came out bluntly in an interview with Potpourri that she loves money so much bank alerts turn her on.

She was being frank where many of her peers would  have shied away and put up an act. But not Lizzy, who also agreed she would never marry a struggling man, let alone a poor one. She dumped her former boyfriend when it dawned on the Itsekiri actress that the guy could not keep pace with her own speedy success and climb in the movie industry.

Yet, Lizzy isn’t all about money she has a heart of gold and from the little she has made, she is reaching out to the less-previleged through her NGO which is sponsoring indigent students.
Once again, Lizzy showed her daring spirit when she revealed in a recent chat what she considered the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for her.

“It was when my present boyfriend got me a car. Actually, he didn’t let me know that he wanted to get me a car. I was driving a small Kia car when we met. He told me the car was very small. So one day, he just called me over to Lagos, because he was about to travel out of the country. So I flew down,when I got to the airport, he drove down a brand new Lexus Jeep. He told me it’s mine, but I didn’t believe him. So he brought out the documents and they were all bearing my name. Automatically, I knelt down and started crying. I was just wet with happiness and tears of joy”