March 4, 2014

We will be gorilla in Nigeria’s supermarket space – Olusanya

We will be gorilla in Nigeria’s supermarket space – Olusanya

Olumide Olusanya

Olumide Olusanya, is the founder of Nigerian online grocery store, He was recently interviewed by the CNN. He came up with the idea of starting an online grocery store. The idea came to him when he saw his wife juggling the tasks of the home while managing a full time job.

He was motivated to make grocery shopping easier for all especially working mothers. In this interview with Vanguard Hi-Tech, he said that here have been many other online supermarkets that have crashed or have pivoted away.

You were recently interviewed by CNN African Start-Up, how was the experience and how do you feel about being featured on such an international news channel?

Olumide Olusanya

Olumide Olusanya

It was a fun experience for the entire team at, as well as for our customer that got filmed receiving the order delivery that was broadcast in the segment of the program. We all feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation to CNN for shinning our light to the whole world to see.

In your interview on CNN’s African Start-Up, you talked about your vision for Kindly shed more light on this
We are Nigeria’s largest online supermarket. Our vision is to be Nigeria’s Biggest Supermarket. We will be the gorilla in the supermarket space in Nigeria. (Brick, mortar, online and offline the Biggest Supermarket in Nigeria.) was formerly known as, has the change of name affected business in any way?
Yes, increased visibility and new user sign ups.

A number of e-commerce ventures and online retail store are now present in Nigeria, how has the response from customers been thus far?

The Nigerian e-commerce market is evolving by the day, what advice would you give to young, upcoming entrepreneurs who are interested in this line of business?

There will never be a better time than today to do this. Just do it.

What have you done successfully to get people to shop at regularly?

Completely focused on satisfying customers and being the most customer-centric venture in Nigeria.

Online shopping has gained a huge acceptance in Nigeria. Do you consider the first online supermarket in Nigeria?
No, there have been many other online supermarkets that have crashed or have pivoted away.

This space has a very high barrier to successful execution has many moving parts, which is what differentiates has made it to become the largest online supermarket in Nigeria, mastery of these many moving parts. Executing in this space is like playing symphony to us. It takes a truly great conductor and a very well-coordinated orchestra to play a symphony that users and investor fall over themselves to hear and be part of. It is not a space for the nepios.

Where do you see in the next 5 years?

The biggest supermarket in Nigeria.