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Residents differ over the law

When Vanguard spoke to Emeka Nzube, who resides in Festac Town, he said; “This law is good because it will positively affect most of us.

“Nigeria is located in a tropical region  so the weather is hot most times. What is the benefit of smoking a cigarette when someone is sweating ? I feel it is foolishness when you add more heat to your body when it is already hot.

“For majority who do not smoke, we are really happy because the smokers will not cause us harm with their smoke which can be inhaled by anyone around.”

For Musa Alkali, a chain smoker  who resides in Obalende; “This law is seriously wrong and the lawmakers have not sat down to observe the environment. We are in a country where pollution is everywhere and  increases daily. You can observe  this  when it is 7pm. The law does not have any impact. By 7pm, you will see the fumes from thousands of generators.

“Are these smokes not injurious to health? If smoking is banned in  developed countries where vehicles, factories and generators polluting the air with carbon monoxide  are regulated, I will accept it but in a place like this place where anything goes, it does not make sense.”

Ajibade Olayiwola, however said; “I have been to some countries outside Nigeria where this law is effective and everyone follows the law. Here in Lagos, it is another ball game. The enforcement of the law will be difficult. Let them establish laws that will deal ruthlessly with armed robbers, corrupt public officers  and politicians. That is what we need. People are tired of all these missing funds. Banning smokers does not have any impact on the lives of the people.

While adducing reasons for the ban, Governor Fashola stressed that similar scenarios have played out in some cities like Paris, London, New York in recent times. The outcry in those places was that some of their clubs will shut down because the ban is bad for business. But after all said and done, life has continued with those societies being the healthier by the measure.

According to him,“It is better to tell the people that it is a moral issue,  in which, first we would protect people where there is clear evidence of the dangers of secondary smoking like increasing diagnosis of cancers.

”Yes, smokers may have a right to choose to continue with a habit that is clearly unhealthy, but we owe a duty to also protect people who choose to live healthy lives.

“As for the emergency line, we have charted a course where none existed. We provided a three digit dedicated emergency line for Lagosians in order to improve our capacity to respond to life threatening events and emergencies in the real sense of it”


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