By Victor Nwogu

It is usually a common word that we always say – love. However, when we take a walk down the lane of experience, we find that to a very large extent, the word “love” is grossly misunderstood. We hear of things like “real love,” “stupid love,” “wicked love,” “wasted love,” and even some ridiculous statements like “love should kiss my a**.” One thing that comes to mind generally about love is always around romance and some sort of wooing. But love goes beyond that.

One may wonder why they should pay attention to understanding love and its awesome bestowment – (did I just say awesome?) Statistics show that productivity level of companies and corporate bodies all over the world is affected by the emotional conditions of their workers. Let us assume that Juliet is the quality control officer in a multinational company. And just yesterday she caught her husband cheating on her.  What do you think will happen at work? If she is supposed to measure 20ml of acid for an experiment, she will probably measure 100ml or spill it over herself. This leaves no doubt that companies who do not pay great attention to the emotional needs of their staff will lose their grip on efficiency.

Has it ever occurred to you that the budget of most countries in the world is channeled towards defence? Billions of dollars all over the world is channeled to things like the manufacture of atomic bombs, and all other forms of weapons of mass destruction. Who are these weapons meant for? – Human beings like you and I. This paints a picture of how much it costs to build and maintain hate as opposed to love. Have you ever imagined what the world would be like if we do not have so much hate around here? Love is the answer.

Certainly, love is like a pyramid. It starts with you, extends to your spouse, and then to your children, family, community, nation and the world at large. If you do not fix “you,” then others will be in danger of hate. This is why you must take time to discover the true meaning of love. If you do not know the meaning of a thing, you will never know what it is meant for. Unfortunately, when the world seems not to understand a thing, it quickly blackmails it, or abandons it. Gradually it becomes an enigma. So is the issue of love.

Majority will always say that love has done them little or no good. Only a few may be bold to accept that love is core. No matter what your disposition may be, it doesn’t change a thing. Love far surpasses the expectations and limitations that you may try to put on it. For you to live a meaningful life, you must understand and walk in love. You need love to unlock the potentials that are inside of you. Until you imbibe the essence of love, your productivity level at work will continue to dwindle.

That is why we are bringing to you “BLOSSOMED CHERRIES: How to Stay Healthy and Maintain Optimum Productivity through the Power of Love.” You will learn the true essence of love and how to live it. You will also learn how to manage your relationships (with your spouse, colleagues, staff, friends, etc.), survive heartbreaks, disappointments; and increase your emotional intelligence. I will take you through practical lessons and proven principles of love that will keep you on top of your game in a world that is fast losing its grip on essence due to extreme hate.


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