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Expert asks govt to get private sector’s involvement in education


THE Federal Government has been urged to drive the education sector by focusing on either primary, secondary or tertiary education and allowing private sector to do the rest.

This was the position of Prince Abimbola Olashore, Chairman, Board of Directors, Olashore International School, Iloko-Ijesa, during an interactive section with the media to mark the school’s 20th anniversary.

He said “Nobody, be it, government, private sector can run the entire education sector alone, it is a joint effort of all stakeholders.”

According to him, education has been underfunded over the years in Nigeria because it is not what government or the private sector can do all alone adding that money is important in education.

Olashore who asserted that even if we devote 100 per cent of Nigeria income to education, it will not solve the problem said, government and individuals should ask themselves where they should intervene.

“As a government, what can you do and as private sector, what can you do save the downward trends,” he asked.
The Director, however pointed out that even if the government starts funding education properly, it cannot be involve in everything, reiterating that government should think of how they can get the involvement and attention of private sector.

“About 1.6 million students seek admission space every year, only 800,000 admission spaces are available every year. In the next two years, the 800,000 un-admitted backlog of students will be 1.6 million without hope of admission space the following year.

Olashore, who expressed his reservation on why private sector might not be willing to invest in school business, noted that the fear from the private sector will be what if the government tomorrow come up with a law that will seize the investment?

He therefore urged government to be concern with how those in charge of education can have minimum standard while it allow private hands to run it.

Besides, he noted that to ensure that students are successful in their various careers, training and retraining of teachers cannot be over-emphasised.

“That is the reason Olashore International School ensure that all its teachers receive continuous staff development to improve their standard and keep them at the forefront of educational thinking.

“Our school teachers exchange programme with colleges and universities in the United Kingdom has assisted Olashore students excel in academic performance over the years.


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