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Why President Jonathan should bow to opposition forces

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke

Epain tree in Egbesu grove is historically revered for its inexhaustible wisdom for countless centuries. Epain tree constantly at war with flood during rainy season  always ingeniously  outwits flood’s raging surge by submerging like a submarine.

Now that the opposition forces in Nigeria are seemingly ideologically and strategically placed in unceasing dance of superiority, sustained through the media, maybe President Jonathan should bow to them.

He could have them dictate his policy thrust as a test of the solidity of their unsolicited ideals even if for a week, eyes not too distant from the submerging strategy of the Epain tree. Wouldn’t this be an invitation to self-destruction?

Characteristically tempting as the above problem-solving option is, not to be ignored  is the proverbial truism that for ages the Ebozo fish has been phenomenally recognised for its   capacity to spit out a navigable course for endangered sailors at sea.

Down this navigable course demarcated by white foamy markers, endangered sailors characteristically smile home, miles away from tragedy. As a parallel of this Ebozoic humanitarian gesture I have just canoed into River Niger from Akparemo Creek,the navigable course spat out.

When reactionary and ideologically poverty-stricken elements within PDP and APC position themselves as aimless demonic opposition forces, singularly unmoved by chastening touch of transformation from the Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal Government, the emergence of a third force of truth becomes a natural desideration.

This imbecilic dance of opposition forces will only beat a retreat when President Jonathan bows like palm trees to their compass-starved opposition – a reality for which Egbesu will demand decapitation from President Jonathan. Indeed the unrepentant detractors of President Jonathan are allegorically endangered sailors in the Atlantic ocean rejected by the Ebozo fish on account of their inherent impurities.

Nothing better dramatises or signals the directionlessness of the neanderthal opposition elements than the repulsion shown then by the fish known for its historic humanity and sensitivity. Blinded by ideological vacuity and myopic projections, the infantile opposition forces have irrationally conditioned themselves to see nothing commendable in the transformation moves of Jonathan.

In the face of the increasing intensity in the attack of Boko Haram, the diseased disjointed detractors pretentiously claimed exhortation for the use of military force against the insurgents and when this envisioned position did not come within their conceptual time-frame, Jonathan was derogatorily painted as a weak President.

However, at the President’s appointed time, a state of emergency was declared in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states; now the dividends of this strategy are too radiant to escape the attention of any reasonable person. Sadly it was this infantile and absurd opposition forces who were the first to castigate Mr. President for declaring a state of emergency.

Is this the kind of opposition forces the President should kow-tow to for the beginning of a demonic beginning? No, the Egbesu of Egbema will not allow this absurdity.

The dance of the opposition forces daily offend the sensibilities of Nigerians because their steps are not skillfully choreographed to provoke accolade, or may be their feet have grown too feeble to skillfully toe the path of JP Clark’s Agbor dancer.

This dearth of suppleness rears its head in the fuel subsidy saga. In line with the rhythm of his transformation agenda, President Jonathan made a move towards the removal of fuel subsidy but again the opposition forces seized this as an avenue to demonize Jonathan and ridicule his transformation agenda. Again the perpetually noisy opposition drums have uncharacteristically become silent now that SURE-P, a product of the subsidy removal saga, has begun to yield  healthy dividends in Nigeria.

Of course when opposition forces toe arid path rather than raise healthy critical voice in the direction of a workable ideology bound to guarantee exponential transformation in the secular space, habitation in the land of the deaf, dead to cacophonous rumblings of raving detractors, becomes a healthy alternative route.

It is high time President Jonathan played the deaf so that he would be liberated from the destructive and disgusting verbal imbecilities of the opposition constituted by APC and the isolated confused components of PDP.

Opposition forces that fail to applaud the foes when the realities demand it are unarguably political neanderthals which deserve absolutely nothing but consignment to the grove of Egbesu for political incineration.

There is something wrong, absolutely wrong, with the opposition forces in Nigeria as exemplified by the reality of their growing paranoia and misguided destructive criticism. I think the time has come for the raving Nigerian opposition forces to submit themselves to willing diagnosis as a visible platform for insight into their psychological composition.

Nigerians can see for themselves revolution in the railway and power sectors of the economy; yet the critical eyes of the opposition are turned to another direction, their teleguided conspiracy attributable to the genius of the River State Governor Chibuike Amaechi and the state House of Assembly  when the Chairman of Obio-Akpor Local Government was unceremoniously removed.

The opposition forces do not see any insanity in this conspiracy of suspension or removal. Yet the irrational opposition forces roared like lions when Governor Amaechi legally lost the PDP structure in the state; in the same vein, they roared, in their usual clangorous voices, when the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly was purportedly removed in legislative abracadabra and replaced. Worst still, the opposition forces did not condemn the action that resulted in the  hospitalisation of one of the members ideologically opposed to the Governor.

If Atiku Abubakar or Olusegun Obasanjo were President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, would they have allowed this absurd drama enacted by personalities totally at home with the party formation processes?

This is not the kind of opposition forces President Goodluck Jonathan should bow to even in extremist case of accommodation and olive-branch proliferation because the crudity of their strategies alone clogs any burgeoning prospect of meaningful engagement.



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