ABUJA – THE crisis ravaging the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) bared its fangs in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, as members of the old PDP disrupted a scheduled meeting between the leadership of the House and the Alhaji Kawu Baraje-led new PDP (nPDP) and the G-7 governors.

Immediately the meeting started at about 3.30pm, Rep Henry Ofongo representing Bayelsa State raised a point of order during protocols, which other Reps considered unusual and pounced on him.

Chairs and all available objects were used to hit Ofongo.


Fight at National Assembly Tuesday. Photo  by Gbemiga Olamikan
Fight at National Assembly Tuesday. Photo by Gbemiga Olamikan

However, the hefty Ofongo, who is about 6ft 3inches tall retaliated by throwing blows at his attackers.

His colleagues came to his aid and immediately shouts of No!No!! No!!! rent the air and followed with thunderous claps that further disrupted the meeting.

At about 3.45pm when Baraje stood up to deliver his speech, the claps and shouts of Tukur! Tukur rent the air making it virtually impossible to hear his speech.

But immediately the Speaker, Hon Aminu Tambuwal mounted the rostrum to deliver his speech, peace and order were restored.

As soon as he mentioned “leaders of our great party”, the old PDP lawmakers took over again, but this time, the chant was” PDP Goodluck! PDP Goodluck!!


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